Learning the vi and Vim Editors

Learning the vi and Vim Editors

Arnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah

Language: English

Pages: 494

ISBN: 059652983X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's nothing that hard-core Unix and Linux users are more fanatical about than their text editor. Editors are the subject of adoration and worship, or of scorn and ridicule, depending upon whether the topic of discussion is your editor or someone else's.

vi has been the standard editor for close to 30 years. Popular on Unix and Linux, it has a growing following on Windows systems, too. Most experienced system administrators cite vi as their tool of choice. And since 1986, this book has been the guide for vi.

However, Unix systems are not what they were 30 years ago, and neither is this book. While retaining all the valuable features of previous editions, the 7th edition of Learning the vi and vim Editors has been expanded to include detailed information on vim, the leading vi clone. vim is the default version of vi on most Linux systems and on Mac OS X, and is available for many other operating systems too.

With this guide, you learn text editing basics and advanced tools for both editors, such as multi-window editing, how to write both interactive macros and scripts to extend the editor, and power tools for programmers -- all in the easy-to-follow style that has made this book a classic.

Learning the vi and vim Editors includes:

A complete introduction to text editing with vi:

  • How to move around vi in a hurry
  • Beyond the basics, such as using buffers
  • vi's global search and replacement
  • Advanced editing, including customizing vi and executing Unix commands
  • How to make full use of vim:

  • Extended text objects and more powerful regular expressions
  • Multi-window editing and powerful vim scripts
  • How to make full use of the GUI version of vim, called gvim
  • vim's enhancements for programmers, such as syntax highlighting, folding and extended tags
  • Coverage of three other popular vi clones -- nvi, elvis, and vile -- is also included. You'll find several valuable appendixes, including an alphabetical quick reference to both vi and ex mode commands for regular vi and for vim, plus an updated appendix on vi and the Internet.

    Learning either vi or vim is required knowledge if you use Linux or Unix, and in either case, reading this book is essential. After reading this book, the choice of editor will be obvious for you too.

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    nopaste. Keyword and Dictionary Word Completion Vim offers a comprehensive suite of insertion-completion capabilities. From programming language-specific keywords to filenames, dictionary words, and even entire lines, Vim knows how to offer possible completions to partially entered text. Not only that, but Vim abstracts the semantic of dictionary-based completion to include completions based on synonyms for the completed word from a thesaurus! In this section we look at the different

    screen space among all open windows. Next Edit the next file in the argument list in a new window. Previous Edit the previous file in the argument list in a new window. (The corresponding previous command, which moves back to the previous file, exists in nvi; it is not in Unix vi.) resize ±nrows Increase or decrease the size of the current window by nrows rows. Tag tagstring Edit the file containing tagstring in a new window. The CTRL-W command cycles between windows, top to

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    case-sensitive. In checking for them, Vim even ignores the setting of the ignorecase option. If you need variations for different cases of keywords, you must specify all combinations in the cinwords string. The cinoptions option cinoptions controls how Vim reindents lines of text in their C context. It includes settings to control a number of code formatting standards, such as: How far to indent a code block enclosed by braces Whether to insert a newline in front of a brace that

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