Line of Control (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, Book 8)

Line of Control (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, Book 8)

Tom Clancy, Jeff Rovin

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0425180050

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The line between military intelligence and military force has been crossed.

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shadows were creeping from side to side. Right beside the entrance to the enclosure. “Friday,” Rodgers said quietly but firmly, “kill the light and move away from me fast.” The urgency in Mike Rodgers’s voice must have impressed Ron Friday. The NSA operative shoved the torch into a fissure headfirst and jumped to his left, away from Rodgers. “Samouel, get behind something!” Rodgers shouted. The general’s voice was still echoing through the enclosure as he ran forward. Rodgers was afraid the

never heard before. He did as he was told. Apu kicked off his slippers and lay back on the bed. As he did he heard the front door open. It was Nanda and presumably the fifth Pakistani. He could tell by how loud the door creaked. The young woman always opened it boldly, as if she wanted to hit whoever might be standing behind it. Apu smiled. He always looked forward to seeing his granddaughter. Even if she had only been gone an hour or two. This time, however, things were different. He did not

Bob Herbert. People who were professional and thorough and there to support the team and its leader. It also felt good to smile. “What about Viens? How many satellites are there in the region?” “Three,” Herbert said. “Will he be able to hold on to them?” Hood asked. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” Herbert told Hood. “No one else is asking for intel from that region right now. Viens also has his entire team on rotation, so the satellite monitoring stations will always be manned. They can run

his mouth. Perhaps Apu had been in the mountains as a young man. He had had some idea what was beyond the foothills. But Apu had certainly never gone this far, never this high. He had never gazed down at the barren peaks. He had never heard the constant roar of the wind over powerful 671 kW rotors, or felt that wind batter an aircraft, or experienced the cold that blasted through the canvas-lined metal walls. The farmer knew that unless they found Nanda the chances were not good that she would

they did the chopper would probably be plunging tail first into the rocky, mist-shrouded valleys below. As it was, Captain Nazir was having trouble keeping the Ka-25 steady and moving forward, much less gaining altitude. A moment later the chopper stopped climbing altogether. “I’m losing her!” Nazir said. “And we’re leaking fuel.” Friday looked at the gauge and swore. They had already off-loaded whatever gear they were carrying in the back. The only thing left was the fixed-winch. There was no

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