Look Out, Secret Seven

Look Out, Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0340917679

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What on earth would the Secret Seven do without Scamper the spaniel? First he discovers an unwanted visitor - then he protects them as they spy on a thief late at night in Bramley Woods!

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the garden again to the front gate. ‘I DO hope Peter will be back by three. This next meeting will be most awfully important,’ said Colin. ‘Well, see you all later, I hope. Gosh, I feel quite tired after all the morning’s excitement!’ ‘I’ll call in and tell Pam on my way back,’ said Barbara. ‘She’ll be excited to know there’s a most important meeting on.’ Peter did not telephone, so everyone knew that it was all right to arrive at three o’clock at the shed. Scamper was there to greet them,

Peter took out one of the big medals from his pocket and held it up in the moonlight, laughing. ‘Good old Pam! She acted up like anything. She was so quick that I washable to open the box and remove the medals — then shut it, and give it to the men quite empty.’ And then the Seven began to laugh. How they laughed! They had outwitted two thieves and a big Alsatian, and had sent away the men with an empty box — and there was Peter with all the medals safely in his pocket! Well done indeed,

would get far with Nabber after him. ‘All right, Nabber. We aren’t idiotic enough to try and fool you,’ said Colin. ‘You can go to sleep if you want to!’ But Nabber didn’t go to sleep. No — if he had to lie there all night long, he wouldn’t close his eyes for a single minute. Scamper closed his, though. He was tired and anxious — something was wrong, and he couldn’t do anything about it. He found his eyes closing, gave a little sigh, and went to sleep — but he opened his eyes soon enough when

had been watching anxiously for him. Binkie was with her, also watching. ‘There he is!’ shouted Susie, rushing to the front door. ‘In a police car, too. The police must have been quick off the mark, Binkie.’ ‘Yes. But I was pretty scared when we went to the police-station, and told them about the Seven and that horrid Alsatian dog guarding them,’ said Binkie. ‘I’m sure that first policeman we saw didn’t believe us.’ ‘Jack! Did the police rescue you?’ shouted Susie, and to Jack’s great

if you do find the medals?’ ‘Give it back to the General,’ said Barbara at once. ‘He’s not at all well-off, you know. And he’s so terribly upset at losing his very precious medals.’ At that very moment, a loud yell came to their ears. ‘JACK! GEORGE! COOOOOO-EEEEE!’ ‘Gosh — that sounds like old Colin!’ said George, in surprise. ‘He must have seen the General, and then raced off to join us. Pity there’s not much food left. Hey, COLIN! COOOOO-EEEEEE! WE’RE HERE!’ And in half a minute

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