Lord Emsworth and Others

Lord Emsworth and Others

P. G. Wodehouse

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 1585672777

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Lord Emsworth and Others, readers are treated to a selection of familiar characters and places, in new and unfamiliar circumstances. Fans and initiates will be highly entertained.

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is here.’ 'What man?' ‘That man of Jane's. The man I told you about.’ 'What man did you tell me about?' Lady Constance seated herself. She would have preferred to have been able to do without tedious explanations, but long association with her brother had taught her that his was a memory that had to be refreshed. She embarked, accordingly, on these explanations, speaking wearily, like a schoolmistress to one of the duller members of her class. 'The man I told you about - certainly not

over. The muttering died away. One of the crying children stopped crying. And though another was sick Freddie thinks this must have been due to something it had eaten. He sang like one inspired. 'Oh, the moon is bright and radiant. But its radiance fades and dies When the silver of the moonlight Meets the lovelight in your eyes.' It was when he had reached this point, with that sort of lingering, caressing, treacly tremolo on the 'eyes' which makes all the difference, that the mothers

voice in which he always addresses me. 'Do you happen to have the sum of eight shilling and sixpence?' 'Eight shillings?' 'And sixpence, sir. It is for Mr Ukridge.’ As he mentioned the name, his tone seemed to take on a sort of respectful affection. One of the mysteries of my life is why this godlike man, while treating me, who pay my rent regularly, with a distant hauteur, as if I were something very young and callow in baggy trousers whom he had just caught eating the entree with a

which were attached to his outstanding ears by ginger-beer wire, he plunged forcefully at the decanter. 'Ah!' he said, putting down his glass. 'What on earth are you doing,' I asked, 'roaming about London in that costume?' He shook his head. 'No roaming, Corky, old horse. I came straight as the taxi flies from Wimbledon Common. And why, laddie? Because I knew that a true friend like you would be sure to have the latch-string hanging out and the lighted candle in the window. How are

nothing more or less than a gold-mine, there was nothing for it but to sling my guests out of The Cedars without delay, so that my aunt, returning to the old home, should find it swept and garnished and with no signs of alien occupation. I saw that, of course, myself. I saw it in a flash. But the difficulty was, how the dickens was it to be done? You see, all my little group of squatters had watertight agreements and were legally entitled to stick on for six months, of which only three had

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