Loudmouth: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone

Loudmouth: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone

Craig Carton

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1451645708

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From one of radio's loudest, orneriest, most beloved, and highest-rated sports radio personalities, a bold and hilarious memoir of sports, manhood, and what it is to be a fan.

In 1991, fresh from college, Craig Carton drove a crappy 1980 Buick to Buffalo, New York, to interview for a job at WGR radio. The station manager who hired him was the first to recognize his considerable on-air talent, and helped start what has become a legendary radio career. Often compared to Howard Stern, Carton has hosted a series of highly rated shows, and in 2007 he joined WFAN, where he and Boomer Esiason host an eponymous show every morning for four hours out of a studio in New York City.

In this debut book, Carton invites the reader to join him as he recounts tales from his suburban youth, defends his long-held love affair with the New York Jets, reminisces about the shenanigans of some of the highest paid and most celebrated athletes playing today, and reflects on his work as one of radio’s craftiest, most hilarious personalities ever to get behind the microphone.

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was the best thing coming out of New York. He also had a very funny character named Mr. Leonard. Listening to these great shows probably stirred the beginnings of my interest in radio, although I didn’t even realize it back then. At the time, it was just a way to relax and take my mind off my parents’ control-freak ways. I hate Sundays—always have. I know how ludicrous that sounds since Sunday is a day off with NFL football, and is still a whole day away from Monday. My disgust for the day

his show. He came into the studio where our producer sits, and probably was figuring I would bring him on the air and give him a chance to defend himself, but I gave him no such shot. I waited until we went to a commercial and then called him in. Before the door could close all the way, I explained in very clear terms how ridiculous and offensive his baseless attack was and that we wouldn’t tolerate it again. Joe left the studio without saying a word. Five years later, our relationship is more

Clark, a well-thought-of programmer from New York City, replaced him. Imagine leaving an executive-level job in radio to sell twenty-five-cent newspapers outdoors, seven days a week. Radio seems glamorous, but for most people not only is it not glamorous, it means a low-paying, insecure professional life. Yet it is so addicting that most people stay—or they have no other skills, so they’re unhireable anywhere else. Jay and I got along right away. He seemed to like me. He invited me over to his

spandex Speedo shorts on top of the pants? It doesn’t look good. It only accentuates their weight issues. Do they look in the mirror before they leave the house and say, “Oh yeah, I’m killing it today?” I also wonder when I go to a dance club and see hot and not-so-hot girls wearing miniskirts that wouldn’t be long on a five-year-old. How do they think that guys don’t assume they are easy and sex is guaranteed? Your vagina is on display every time you spin around. You had to know that when you

not to say anything about it. I was cool with Ferrall joining us, and thought it would extend the life of the show at least six months and give us another shot. We never got that shot. The next day while he was hosting the Eagles pregame show in Philly at WYSP with Jody McDonald, Ferrall went on the air and said he was the new host of the WNEW morning show, and he was going to save the day. Of course, he said that in Ferralldelphia. WYSP is a CBS-owned station, and calls were made to Jeremy, who

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