Luck by Barfoot, Joan

Luck by Barfoot, Joan

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0753819457

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Luck by Barfoot, Joan [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2006] JOAN BARFOOT ...

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she sat with Nora in this kitchen hearing Nora’s visions and plans she felt that, and now she feels it again. Because there will be new visions and plans, made necessary, if contrary to his desires, by Philip. And what were Philip’s desires? Not Beth, and not death. Oh, that’s funny, that rhyme, she is clever sometimes. She has a suspicion, however, that his desires did include Sophie. She has noticed his eyes following Sophie now and then with a particular light, and recently there’s been a

“Oh, right, you knew her, you were friends.” “Hardly friends. I knew her a little in high school, that’s about it. Philip had some odd ideas after the dust settled, though, and before we moved here. He said they wouldn’t have been married if they hadn’t cared for each other, and since she and I had known each other as well, he couldn’t see any good reason why we couldn’t smooth everything over by hanging out together sometimes. As if switching partners was only a sidestep, like a dance. He had

Beth, coming from a world of thin female beauty, found him, more negatively, too loud and too looming. Neither of them knew the man who did odd jobs around town when he and Nora first moved here because they needed the money and he was not too proud to build a deck here, paint a porch there. “It’s all work,” he said, “it’s all cash.” They did not know the man who made the bold decision to earn his own living, minimal in the early days, then rather splendid, designing and building sofas and

don’t have to be true to be real. Then in time I came to think Lily would be pleased that I cared so much I was furious.” A point of view, no doubt; yet when Lily died Max turned mirrors to walls and sat shiva, and at the end said, “I’ve done my best for her. I can rest.” It now sounded as if his rest wasn’t totally peaceful. If Lily still spoke. “Yes,” said Nora, “I see.” Although she didn’t, really. Too much confusion today; as if the house itself had decided to go clattering and banging

bit. But there it is. And I don’t want to be here on my own. So if you don’t have immediate plans, what would you think about staying, too?” Sophie has two economics degrees. She used to have huge, world-saving ambitions, massive, hopeless desires. She is more fit than she once was, thanks to Phil and, to be honest, Nora as well, but the question remains, fit for what? She also thinks Nora sounds oddly pleading. Well, Sophie can see why she wouldn’t want to stay here alone. “If you’re sure.

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