Marlborough: Britain’s Greatest General

Marlborough: Britain’s Greatest General

Richard Holmes

Language: English

Pages: 638

ISBN: 0007225725

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bestselling military historian Richard Holmes delivers an expertly written and exhilarating biography of John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough and Britain's finest soldier. Charting Churchill’s rise to favour to lead his country to glory, cementing its position as a major player on the European stage and saviour of the Holy Roman Empire, Holmes paints a portrait of a man who combined passion, avarice and duplicity in his personal life with tenacity and utter brilliance on the battlefield.

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was determined to be able to manoeuvre freely. Nor would he be checked by the need to make bread, for enough had been baked at Asse to last for eight days. The road to Lessines was bad, and that from Lessines to Oudenarde worse still, so careful attention was paid to sending pioneers forward ‘to make ways’. When the army marched off at two on the morning of the ninth: The regulation touching the baggage was exactly observed, and the ways being well made, the army marched with exact order,

Murray Dispatches III p.78. 132  Marlborough to Godolphin 1 November 1706 in Snyder Marlborough – Godolphin II p.727. 133  Godolphin to Marlborough 8 April 1707 ibid. p.746. 134  Godolphin to Marlborough 25 September 1706 ibid. p.694. 135  Marlborough to Duchess of Marlborough 7 October 1706 ibid. p.695. CHAPTER 7: The Equipoise of Fortune 1  Gregg Queen Anne p.231. 2  Ibid. pp.232–3. 3  Sarah Duchess of Marlborough Life I p.415, II p.131. 4  Gregg Queen Anne p.275. 5  Godolphin to

Ireland: achievements, 1 appearance, 13 accession, 15, 156–7 favours and ennobles Dutch officers, 27, 172 composition of Parliament, 33 marriage, 52, 92 cultivates Hampton Court gardens, 57 opposes Louis XIV, 67 confirms sentence on Elnberger, 75 Marlborough confers with on French threat to Bruges, 89 at battle of Boyne (1690), 16, 93 and sinking of Gloucester, 98 nicknamed by Anne and Sarah, 105 and Monmouth rebellion, 114 and British military opposition to James II, 135 invasion

these requirements. 3 The Protestant Wind On 5 November 1688 William of Orange landed at Torbay. His Declaration … Of the Reasons Inducing him to Appear in Arms in … England, issued at The Hague on 30 September, furnished the public justification for his invasion: it accused James’s advisers of seeking to overturn the laws and liberties of the three kingdoms, to introduce arbitrary government and an illegal religion. It affirmed that William did not seek the crown for himself, but sought only

minister Lord Middleton announced coldly that: ‘The King, my master, does not consider her his daughter, because she had renounced her being so in such an open manner.’ Jacobite hopes that the death of Mary improved their chances were misplaced, not least because there was now an heir apparent who commanded wide support in England. Anne had tried hard to see her sister before she died, saying that she would ‘run any hazard’ for a meeting. She made her peace with William on 29 December, saying

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