Metal Gear Solid (Boss Fight Books, Volume 9)

Metal Gear Solid (Boss Fight Books, Volume 9)

Ashly Burch, Anthony Burch

Language: English

Pages: 95


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Before they co-created the hit web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?, Ashly and Anthony Burch were just a brother and sister who shared a weird obsession with Solid Snake and his 3D debut, Metal Gear Solid. And why wouldn't they? Hideo Kojima's 1998 game featured groundbreaking stealth mechanics, a gruff and hunky leading man, a brilliantly claustrophobic setting, tons of cinematic cutscenes, shocking fourth wall breaks, and terrifying bosses.

The only problem: The Burches grew up but their all-time favorite video game didn't. After nearly two decades, Metal Gear Solid's once-innovative stealth mechanics seem outdated, the cutscenes have lost some of their action movie punch, and the game's treatment of women is often out of touch. Witness a celebration/takedown of this landmark game with the combination of insight and hilarity that Ashly and Anthony have made their careers on.

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established tropes as a shorthand for characterization. It’s irrelevant if this parallel between Meryl and real life young soldiers like her was intentional because it’s easy for me to draw an immediate correlation between this fictitious character and people I know in real life. I began to fill in the blanks of what she must think and feel because I know how people in a similar position think and feel. You know what your pal Cassie was going through when she decided to join the military, what

of years later, I’d play the noncanonical Metal Gear Solid game for the Game Boy Color (known in Japan as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and then in the West as, confusingly, Metal Gear Solid) and find an even more clever implementation of this scene. Instead of just pointing out that Snake murdered the other boss baddies in the game, Ghost Babel antagonist Pyro Bison tells you the exact number of enemies you killed in order to reach him. Even without a body count, Liquid Snake’s MGS1 scene was a

pistol, or grabbing them by the neck and killing them in two seconds. The Butt Mission is more suspenseful and nuanced than the more bombastic, less sexist moments that surround it. There is no single moment in all of Metal Gear Solid that so perfectly encapsulates the game’s highs and lows with such clarity. It is so sexist and embarrassing that it is nearly hilarious… but it is also one of the game’s best-designed moments. It is the most mature, least mature scene in the game. Metal

cardinal sin, because while it sucks that women are often expected to adhere to typical standards of feminine beauty, some women just enjoy wearing mascara. I had to accept that I was one of those women. I had to learn that I liked being feminine. I had to learn that I, as a woman, could be just as awesome as a man, no matter how I do or don’t express my femininity. I was not born with the knowledge that my gender is as capable, smart, cunning, funny, stupid, rude, inconsiderate,

“It’s your old pal Roland, come to save you at last!” Suddenly, Roland’s dead body falls gracelessly out of the trapdoor and THUMPS awkwardly onto the ground like a sack of potatoes. “Oh, right. I guess not. I forgot he was fucking dead. Later, loser!” I can’t even begin to imagine a Metal Gear villain doing something as mean-spirited as that, just as I can’t imagine writing anything as sincere as Sniper Wolf’s death monologue. I wrote lots of fun and optimistic stories as a kid,89

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