Mexico's Most WantedTM: The Top 10 Book of Chicano Culture, Latin Lovers, and Hispanic Pride

Mexico's Most WantedTM: The Top 10 Book of Chicano Culture, Latin Lovers, and Hispanic Pride

Boze Hadleigh

Language: English

Pages: 309


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States. Of the more than forty million Hispanics, some two-thirds are Mexican or Mexican-American. Almost half of all babies in the nation are born of Hispanic parents, and “Garcia” is quickly becoming the most common surname in America. So there’s no better time to feast on the interesting and entertaining trivia provided in Mexico’s Most Wanted™!

Author Boze Hadleigh, grandson of a Mexican general and diplomat, covers Mexico’s culture and history in all its wonder. He discusses the fabulous food and drink native to Mexico; details its star actors, actresses, directors, singers, and athletes; highlights the history, ruins, and vacation spots that make Mexico a premier destination for travelers; and so much more.

Mexico’s diversity and cultural and historical achievements are barely known to most Americans or even to many Mexican-Americans. Mexico has a long, rich, and fascinating heritage to be proud of, celebrated, learned about, and visited. Mexico’s Most Wanted™ is a great way to learn more about our southern neighbor and a great primer for those about to explore it.

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hand- and arm-guards have also been found in and near the traditional I-shaped stone ball courts. Most teams had two to seven players, but the rules and scoring? We don’t know. The Spaniards’ descriptions were vague and typically condemnatory—although they marveled at the rubber ball, and one game objective was to keep the ball in constant motion and above the ground. In any case, it must have been a thrilling and refined (as in perfected) sport, for it had been around for some three thousand

an official day of mourning in response to the AIDS crisis, A Day Without Art. Arizmendi told her husband, “What California needs is a day without a Mexican.” 3. ELLEN OCHOA In a sense, Dr. Ochoa has gone higher than any other Latina, for in 1991 she became the first Hispanic female astronaut. A classical flutist and an inventor who received three patents for her discoveries in optics, she’s a flight engineer and mission specialist who’s logged over nine hundred hours in space in four flights.

was anti liberals and all minorities. . . . An associate of mine viewed a McCarthy memo. He’d been told the general plot of The Lawless; McCarthy’s response was it was ‘Communistic’ because it showed American bad guys, and it should have shown ‘satisfied farm laborers instead of Mexicans and such malcontents.’” 5. CHARLTON HESTON In the 1960s, at a film-industry function, Heston, who often played heroes of other nationalities—but never varying his accent—met Mexican star Pedro Armendariz.

about U.S. involvement in Central America, and played a bisexual houseboy in Bartel’s satiric Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills. Other movies include Lone Wolf McQuade and Nixon. However, Beltran is best known as First Officer Chakotay, the fearless Maquis captain on the syndicated cult television series Star Trek: Voyager. 10. MARIO LOPEZ The perky, likeable Lopez enacted non-Latin characters and became a television star and emerging sex symbol without his ethnicity being played

satisfying and exhilarating.” 5. JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ For almost two decades, Julius Caesar’s namesake dominated welterweight boxing. At age seventeen he began fighting professionally and three years later, in 1983, he boxed in the United States for the first time, knocking out Roberto Sandoval in Los Angeles. In 1986 he fought in Europe for the first time, knocking out Faustino Barrios in Paris. He went from title to title, and in 1993 defeated Greg Haugen in front of over 132,000 spectators in

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