Miami Jackson Gets It Straight

Miami Jackson Gets It Straight

Patricia McKissack, Fredrick McKissack

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 2:00167172

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

MIAMI JACKSON CAN’T wait for school to end. But who ever thought five days could be so long? His teacher is leaving for Ghana, his arch-enemy, Destinee Tate, is on his case, and now Miami’s keeping secrets from his best friend, String. Summer can’t come soon enough!

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String will turn double-Dutch rope for the girls. Then he’ll run over and hit a homer with the boys. He even sits with Rashetta Lewis—with her nose running all the time. Nasty. Gag! String’s okay like that. I understand. But I can’t hang with Destinee Tate. “You should get to know her,” String is always saying. “I know enough,” is always my answer. Ms. Rollins comes into the room. The Star-Spangled Banner crackles over the intercom. We stand. We sing. We say The Pledge of Allegiance. That

They remind me of Moe, Larry, and Curly. As always, Destinee does the talking. The other two sock puppets do what she says. “We think it would be a good idea to give Ms. Rollins a going-away gift. If everybody in class puts in a dollar,” Destinee says, adding in her head, “that comes to … to …” “Twenty-seven dollars,” I answer. “I knew that,” Destinee says, waving me off with her hand. “We’ve decided—” “Wait a minute,” I put in. “Who is we?” “The class officers,” Destinee answers, pointing

go. Destinee’s mother is picking me up in about an hour to go to the mall. Everything has worked out great so far. Everybody in class gave a dollar. We got Ms. Harper, the librarian, to hold the money for us. We raised $27. Enough to buy a nice gift. Then we all wrote down suggestions. Destinee and I will use the list to shop. “Yo, Leesie! What’s up with you so long in the bathroom?” I say. “You got a problem?” “Gross! Go on with all that anyway,” Leesie says, coming out at last. “My horoscope

on the ceiling. On one wall are my favorite sci-fi characters. Spock, Scotty, Captain Sisko, The Men in Black, and Ripley and the Alien. On the other wall are pictures of all my baseball heroes—Ken Griffey, Jr., Lou Brock, Hank Aaron, and Mark McGwire. Along with a poster of Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, and Josh Gibson from the old Negro Leagues. A mobile of the nine planets hangs from the light fixture. My NASA history timeline is over my bed, along with a poster of John Glenn. I am happy

the box. It is just like the diary, wallet, and address book I bought … and lost! I am too put out! All the girls ooh and ahh. The boys clap, stomp, and whistle. We can get away with that today only. “Now that’s the kind of gift you should have bought,” Lisa whispers. I can’t stop laughing. 10:15 A.M. We’re back in class. My stomach is flip-flopping. Destinee goes to the front of the class. “We have something for you, Ms. Rollins.” Ms. Rollins smiles. “You have been a good teacher all

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