More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 2

More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 2

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: 2:00266429

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here it is—the second waggish collection of Party Jokes selected by the editors of Playboy from the famous monthly feature in the nation’s most sophisticated magazine. Replete with racy gags, mirthful limericks, Playboys inimitable
Femlins and cartoons, this debonair compendium is sure to join Playboys Party Jokes (Playboy Pocket Book 75049) as a national best seller and best friend to urbane partygoers of both sexes

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Doctor on the Brain (Doctor Series, Book 10)

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hands. As the cop helped the bntised and battered billbcr up from tl1e pavement in front of the bar, he :uked, " Can you descriue the man who hit you?" "Oh, yes," said the drunk. "That's just what 1 was doing ,,·hen he hit me." 137 A much-married Hollywood leading man was confronted by a pretty brunette at the premiere of his latest picture. ''Don't you remember me?" she entlmsed. "Three years ago )'OU oukcd me to marry you." "Oh, really?" said the blase actor. "And did you?" A gallivanting

she hoped, and auempted to gain some additional freedom by pulling down the zipper at the bac.k of her dress. ll didn't seem to help. She still couldn't negotiate the high step. so she reached again for the .tipper and additional freedom, but again it was no usc. Then, from out of the impatient crowd behind her, a young man picked her up and deposited her gently inside the bus. Thi.s, of course, only embarr.wcd the girl more. " What right have you to pick me up like that?" she gasped. "Why, I

Tracy's first crossing. and he was assigned to a table with a suave Frendunan. The first night out, the Frenchman rose, bowed slightly, and said, "Bon appt!l· it." Tracy got to his feet, bowed and said, "Tracy." The following morning. at breakfast, t.hen at lunch and again at dinner, t.hc ceremony was repeated and Tracy found his politeness wearing a little thin. "It's beginning to annoy me," he told a companion in the lounge. "Same t.hing over and over: he tells me his name , Bon Apptlit, I tell

directly." In the tnditional ocean-liner interview, the reporter said to the glamorous movie queen, "I understand you were courted by many European noblemen during your four weeb abroad." "That's right, honey," she replied, hiking her skirt still higher and smiling into the flashing cameras. " I managed to make every second count." Epitaph for the tombstone of a cool musician: "Man, this a t is really gone." 26 Cynlhia's fine figure had been poured into a beautiful form-fitting gown and she

Cha· sen's, in Hollywood. "You remember tl1at backless, frontless, sideless evening gown I wore to the sneak preview last week?" asked the first. "Sure," said her friend. "It was a sensation." "I just found out it's a belt." M ay I be of help, sir?" asked the impeccably attired , haughty salesman in tl1e foreign car showroom. "Yep," said the casually clrcsscd and obviously self. made man of means. "My girHriend isn't feeling well. \Vha'cha got in the way of a get-well car?" Our Unabashed

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