My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary

My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary

Language: English

Pages: 346

ISBN: 0340950943

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

My Mad Fat Diary is now a major new comedy for E4! It's 1989 and Rae is a fat, boy-mad 17-year-old girl, living in Stamford, Lincolnshire with her mum and their deaf white cat in a council house with a mint off-green bath suite and a larder Rae can't keep away from. This is the hilarious and touching real-life diary she kept during that fateful year - with characters like her evil friend Bethany, Bethany's besotted boyfriend, and the boys from the grammar school up the road (who have code names like Haddock and Battered Sausage). My Mad Fat Diary evokes a vanished time when Charles and Di are still together, the Berlin wall is up, Kylie is expected to disappear from the charts at any moment and it's GBP1 for a Snakebite and Black in the Vaults pub. My Mad Fat Diary will appeal to anyone who's lived through the 1980s. But it will also strike a chord with anyone who's ever been a confused, lonely teenager who clashes with their mother, takes themselves VERY seriously and has no idea how hilarious they are.

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dying in the process. Actually I am not that desperate now but there are times when I have been. Daisy gave in today and ended up eating two helpings of angel whip – the school’s cheap version of Angel Delight. It seemed bizarre as it’s actually total crap and not worth having a big arse for. Tomorrow is Friday, believe it or not, fact fans, and I feel there may be a distinct possibility of seeing a lesser spotted Luke if one goes to the regular jaunts – i.e. the Vaults or the Hole in the Wall

. . . It’s all unfair and I don’t want to even write it. It will never change, and no one wants to admit it but being thin and pretty is the best thing a woman can be. All shit. Friday 9.6.89 10.35 p.m. TOLD MUM ABOUT THE WOMAN in Elle tonight because I went to look at her again today and I just can’t get my head round it. Mum said her usual nonsensical phrase: ‘You talk more random than duck’s shite.’ She reckons most of those models eat about one carrot a week, chew cotton wool like

you any more if you don’t get on with me? ME: I’m sorry because I think I have been mean to you, and upset you, and I feel bad. (PAUSE.) HAD: What have I ever done to you? You are nice to everyone but me. I have never taken the piss out of you. When all the stuff was going on with Harry I tried to tell you what was happening. You took that the wrong way too. ME: I just thought . . . HAD: You just thought the same shit everyone thinks about me and shit. ME: What? HAD: Can’t be bothered to

because we couldn’t get rid of him. He started possibly the dullest conversation about university application forms and where we were both going. He is so insensitive! When I said I liked the sound of Exeter, he said: RYAN: Oh, that’s a bit far away from everything, isn’t it? It will be hard to get there. ME: Thanks, mate, for that. Where are you going? RYAN: Leeds. That’s miles away from Exeter. Are you sure you want to go there? ME: Errrr – yeah! RYAN: Not a lot there, and it’s full of the

loudly?? Then, as I was going to the pub tonight, admittedly looking a bit scruffy, she shouted at the top of her voice, ‘Penny for the guy.’ Ha, ha. This is the 80s, dear – you are allowed to have messed-up hair. It’s called ‘come to bed/just done it’ hair these days. That’s what I would like mine to be – but the fact is, I can’t be arsed to comb it. Saturday 4.11.89 ICAN’T WORK THIS ONE OUT. I am totally freaked out and I am shaking so much I can hardly write. Tonight everyone was hugely

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