My Worst Best Friend

My Worst Best Friend

Dyan Sheldon

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0763645559

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The best-selling author of CONFESSIONS OF A DRAMA QUEEN takes a smart, funny look at friendship, staying true to your identity, and moving on.

Gracie and Savannah are best friends —and utterly unalike. Savannah is beautiful, outrageous, and irresistible to the opposite sex. Gracie is shy, smart, and would rather be studying lizards than meeting boys. Still, they’ve made a surprisingly great team, and (until now) it seemed as if nothing could come between them. But lately, Savannah’s talent for lying and manipulating is becoming harder to ignore. She’s fallen head over heels for an elusive college boy, and Gracie can’t help wondering: is her friend as confident as she seems? When Savannah gets between Gracie and her crush, the line separating best friend from worst friend is crossed.

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time, it was surprise that made me laugh. “Well, I know what you didn’t do—” I began. And then I realized why she’d wanted to talk to me – and it wasn’t because she was desperate to apologize. “You had a date with Morgan.” “You guessed!” Savanna jumped up and down. “I knew you’d guessed. I could tell this morning when you covered for me with Archie like that. You couldn’t have been better if we’d planned it. You are, like, so awesome. You really can read my mind, can’t you?” This was my chance

then Archie called to say good night and everything, and by the time all that was over I was, like, so emotionally drained I just went to bed.” I stared at the shadow my bike made on the ground. Savanna, you can’t just tell lies… Savanna, it’s not fair to Archie … You’re treating him like he’s a fool … Savanna, you should at least have warned me… “I have a question.” I straightened up again, tossing the lock in the basket. “Why did you tell Archie we went to see my dad in a play?” “What?” She

We’d never had a fight like that before. She was shaken. In shock. It would just take a little while for things to get totally back to normal. “Did you lose your phone?” my dad asked me on Wednesday, while we were doing the dishes. “Or did Savanna lose hers?” He half-smiled. “It’s been pretty quiet in here the last few nights.” I said that Savanna had been really busy. “You know, coming up to Christmas and everything.” “I see.” He nodded as if that made perfect sense. “It’s just that you seem

laughed. I said that it sounded good to me. So I stopped having lunch in the cafeteria and went to the study room with Cooper instead. Savanna stopped meeting me in the afternoon, because she always had some reason to stay late at school. Wednesday night, I tried to call her five times but the line was always busy and she never called me back, so I didn’t bother after that. I figured that she knew my number if she wanted to talk. And every morning I’d meet Cooper at the end of the Old Road and

for pity’s sake! That’s what you do at a dance. You dance!” Marilouise said, “Gee—” “I’ve got to go to the girls’ room.” Savanna slipped her bag off the back of my chair where she’d left it for safekeeping. You know, because not everyone goes to a dance to dance. “I must look hideous.” She took a tissue from her bag and dabbed at her eyes. “Come on, Gracie.” She pushed back her chair. “Marilouise will hold the fort.” I hugged my coat against me. “I can’t,” I said. “I was just about to leave.”

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