Noodle (The Puppy Place #11)

Noodle (The Puppy Place #11)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0545034574

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They have a puppy of their own but they still foster other puppies who need their help.

When Lizzie spots Noodle he's in some major trouble. Once they rescue him, the Peterson's can't figure out where his people are. Lizzie is determined to find Noodle's family, but the question is, do they want to be found?

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and crusty, with blotches of grape juice and bits of mud and oatmeal stuck to it. But there was nothing Lizzie could do about it. The Bean was not about to give up his Fur. Anyway, that wasn’t the point right now. The point was, Lizzie was freezing. And so was the Petersons’ real puppy. “Look at poor Buddy. He’s shaking!” All the Petersons looked down at their puppy, Buddy. He looked back up at them with his big, chocolate-brown eyes. Then he held up one little tan paw. My feet are cold! Why

Anyway, we need some of your famous signs. How about if you head upstairs and get to work on the computer, and I’ll take over on the phone?” Lizzie was happy to hand over her list of area codes. “Come on, Noodle,” she said. “Let’s go upstairs.” Noodle scrambled to his feet and followed Lizzie out of the kitchen. Sure, sure, I’ll go anywhere with you! What are we doing next? Maybe we’re going to see my people! Upstairs, Lizzie got out the camera and posed Noodle on the blue rag rug next to her

by the men on shore. Dad was watching through the binoculars. “That puppy sure does look tired,” he said. “I hope they get to him soon.” “Can I see?” Lizzie took the binoculars and peered through them. What she saw made her heart flip over. The little dog was barely keeping his head above water. But, as she watched, she saw his ears perk up and his eyes brighten. She moved the binoculars to see what he was looking at. The two figures — bright red against the gray ice — were crawling closer to

dashed down to the shore and grabbed the rescuer’s rope, falling into place behind the other men. They all leaned back with their feet planted on the ground, like they were playing tug-of-war. Lizzie peered through the binoculars. Now she could see the puppy clearly. He looked wet and cold and miserable — but surprisingly, not too scared! He wasn’t struggling at all. Emily had stopped trying to swim and was just holding the puppy tight as the guys on shore reeled her in like a giant red fish.

“You’re safe now,” she told him. The puppy had already stopped shivering. He looked back at Lizzie with big, shiny eyes. She felt her heart melt again. “I wonder what breed this puppy is,” she said. “With this curly fur, he looks kind of like that poodle named Fiona who goes to Aunt Amanda’s doggy day care.” “He also reminds me of Goldie,” Charles said. “Like how she looks after a bath.” Goldie was a golden retriever, the first puppy the Petersons had ever fostered. Now she lived next door,

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