Obnoxiously Gross Jokes Volume XXVIII

Obnoxiously Gross Jokes Volume XXVIII

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 132


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the millions of fans of the "Gross Jokes" series comes Julius Alvin's most hilarious, most obnoxiously disgusting collection yet! This outrageous book includes something to offend everyone with jokes about ethnic groups, homosexuals, women, politicians, and more.



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BEYOND GROSS Why is a n ugly girl like a b edspread? They b o th get tum ed down at nighL What wou ld Prince Di be doing if he were alive toda y? cra tching a t th e inside of h e r coffin. What' 69 plu 69? Dinner for four. Why Tigge r ' h ead in the toilet? H e was looking for Pooh. Did you h ear about th e n e\ tarv AJben com pute r ? It h as eighteen b)'l.es but no memory. BOOK YOUR PLACE ON OUR WEB ITE AND MAKE T H E R E DlN G CONNECTION! We've created a customized web

definition of "virgi n wool"? A hee p th e fanner h asn ' t ca ught ye L Wh at'5 the definition o f a 5adist? A guy who ra pes a deaf and dumb woman , th e n u t5 orr h er hand5 o sh e can' t scream fo r help. OBN OXJOUSLY GRO S J O KES 31 So th e m arri e d wo m a n is h a vin g a n affair, a n d when ever h e r lover co m es o ve r , sh e taSh es h er te n year-

bor for haifa million dollars. " J oh nny d oes. His sister says tha t yes, sh e would sleep with the neig hbor fo r hal f a million dollars. Johnny duly repor ts the news back to his father. " T hen there's your a nswer," h is fa ther says. " Theoretically, we're sitting o n a million d o llars. Realistically, we're living with a couple of whore · " 78 j ulius Alum H ear a bo ut the fl ash e r who co n side re d re tire me nt? H e d ecide d to s ti ck it o ut fo r a n o th er year. Wha t 's

in for the flighL A gorgeous blonde enters and makes her way down the aisle, and to the salesman's delight, she takes the seat next to his. The salesman is nervous but desperate to start up a conversation. He asks the blonde, "Where are you flying to?" The blonde sar.-. "To the annual nymphomaniac convention in Chicago." The salesman can't believe his good luck. He says to the blonde, "What do you do at this convention?" She says. "We tty to dis.soh·e some of the more popular myths about

ld? You can recite the lyrics to "Stop in the Name of Love," but you can' t rememl>er your new I\ rea code. OBNOXIOUSLY GROSS JOKES 99 So the two middle-aged couples go camping. The husbands decide to st.ay in one tent, the wives in tl1e other. About three in the morning, Bob wakes up and yells, "Wow, unbclicvablel" His friend w-<~kcs up and asks, "What's going on?" Bob says to Eddie, "I've gotla go to tl1e other tent and find my wife." "Why?" Eddie asks. Bob replies, "Because I just woke up

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