On the Wealth of Nations: A Book That Shook the World

On the Wealth of Nations: A Book That Shook the World

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Pages: 256

ISBN: 1843543893

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services of a cannibal executive assistant. We must treat other people with the respect due to equals not because we are inspired by principle or filled with fraternal affection but because we're pathetic and useless. Smith wrote that an individual 'stands at all times in need of the co-operation and assistance of great multitudes, while his whole life is scarce sufficient to gain the friendship of a few persons'.1 This nearly left-wing statement was the prologue to Adam Smith's most quoted

years have seldom passed away in which some book or pamphlet has not been published … pretending to demonstrate that the wealth of the nation was fast declining.'36 13. Especially, ignore the economists. Knowing something about economics does not alter the fact that economics is unknowable. Economists cannot predict the future any better than Jennifer Aniston and Donald Rumsfeld could predict Brad Pitt and Iraq. Adam Smith arguably knew almost everything that could be known about

to gossip about mutual acquaintances and a digression on their friend Lord Kames and his book Historical Law-Tracts, of which Hume says, A man might as well think of making a fine Sauce by a Mixture of Wormwood and Aloes as an agreeable Composition by joining Metaphysics and Scotch Law … But to return to your Book, and its Success in this Town, I must tell you – A Plague of Interruptions! I orderd myself to be deny'd; and yet here is one that has broke in upon me again. He is a man of Letters,

careless and slovenly a manner as that authority will permit. – Wealth, book 534 Husbands, Continued To seem not to be affected with the joy of our companions is but want of politeness; but not to wear a serious countenance when they tell us their afflictions, is a real and gross inhumanity. – Moral Sentiments, part 135 Immigration, Excessive Worries about A man is of all sorts of luggage the most difficult to be transported. – Wealth, book 136 Interior Decoration, Novel Suggestion for

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