Operation Desolation: A Short Story (Jeff Aiken Series)

Operation Desolation: A Short Story (Jeff Aiken Series)

Language: English

Pages: 67

ISBN: B0080K37P2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A thought-provoking new short story from the acclaimed author of Zero Day and Trojan Horse.

Challenging Anonymous is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. But the CEO of a major investment firm has done just that, and now cyber security expert Jeff Aiken has to try to protect the company from its leader's mistakes. The timing couldn't be worse, as Jeff is scheduled to appear at a conference that has invited an Anonymous representative as well. And Jeff's about to discover that the hacker outfit plans to bring their fight offline--and into the real world.

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surprise of the gathering he announced Agnes Capps and asked her to come on stage. She wore a smug expression as she made her way to the front. With a confident bounce she moved like a younger woman than she was. Next was Chuck Chacko, who came up less ostentatiously and quietly stood beside the woman, looking a bit self-conscious. “And the last finalist is Dillon Ritter. Come on up, Dillon.” Ritter joined him with a broad grin. Once all three were there, Jeff noticed Norm move along the side

confiding his expectations about the results of the pending report to the foreign secretary. Now his professional reputation, or at least his judgment, was at risk. Just the day before Walthrop had received a note reminding him to make available the advance copy of the UNOG report. He should never have confided his expectations and with that realization he understood the true object of his anger: himself. He shook his head in wonder. Here he was at fifty-two years of age, and still relearning

think I’m taking the responsible position,” Chuck answered. “Someone has to keep everyone out there honest, you know? You can’t trust governments or Fortune 500 companies to do it. If they had their way you’d have to clear your Internet presence through a layer of bureaucracy, at great expense, and then be subject to arbitrary control by outsiders. We need to keep the Internet open, not threatened by governments.” “And what about this threat from Anonymous against RegSec?” Ritter asked. “Surely

done reportedly as retaliation for Sony taking legal action against the man who’d engineered the successful jailbreak of Sony’s PlayStation 3. Waves of Anonymous attacks against Sony began with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that temporarily took offline several Sony Web sites and continued with breaches of the Sony Online Entertainment and the Sony PlayStation Network sites. This resulted in the theft of account details for over 70 million Sony customers. In one of its most

or NSA, America’s omnibus information protection and communications intercept agency. The theme of his presentation was that cyber-security was the new theater of war and where the first, even final, shots would very likely be fired. It was a theme everyone in attendance was interested in and it would be well if not universally attended. When the meeting room was nearly full, but a few minutes before the speaker was to begin, Jeff sat in an outside aisle seat in the middle of the room. Clive

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