Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Gifted, Book 1)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Gifted, Book 1)

Marilyn Kaye

Language: English

Pages: 89

ISBN: 0753462834

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Queen of Mean Amanda Beeson, 13, gets the shock of her life when she wakes up one morning to find herself in the body of one of her victims, Tracey Devon. Amanda discovers that Tracey, ignored at home and school, has the ability to become invisible. When Amanda finds herself in a special class that Tracey usually attends, it becomes clear that at Meadowbrook Middle School the definition of “gifted” has a whole other meaning. Can Amanda rescue her one-time target from obscurity and get her own life back on track? In order to do so, she will have to reveal her own startling gift and take her rightful place among Meadowbrook’s very secret clique. 

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hand, his "gift" was sort of scary. Yesterday, one of those flying books could have hit her right in the face. And what if she'd been sitting under a hanging lamp? Charles could have made it drop right down on her head. She made a mental note to avoid attracting his attention. She didn't really think it would be a problem--Tracey seemed to be very skilled at avoiding attention. Maybe that was her gift. Emily and Sarah were the next to enter the room. Amanda hadn't quite figured out what kind of

anyone," Amanda said, "if you dare, I'll--" Jenna didn't give her the opportunity to complete her threat. "Don't worry, Amanda, I'm not going to tell anyone. Not yet. There's something I'm curious about, though. Why would you want to be Tracey?" "Are you kidding? Do you think I want to be inside this creepy girl's body? It--it just happened. I was thinking about her, and then ... poof!" "Why were you thinking about her? I can't believe the great and wonderful Amanda Beeson gives a hoot about

to start the hypnosis sessions today," Serena was saying. "I'm sorry," Madame said, though she didn't sound sorry at all. "I've got a complicated lesson plan. There won't be time today." Serena smiled. "Mr. Jackson said I could take the students individually out of the classroom and work with each one in the empty room next door. So it won't disrupt the entire class." "But the student you take out will miss what the rest of the class does," Madame objected. "But think of the potential

Towers! Yuck! Jenna gritted her teeth. It was too bad Amanda couldn't read her mind--she would hear herself being called every nasty, dirty name ever invented. But Jenna kept telling herself--just as she'd told Amanda--that she was doing this for Tracey, and she kept her mouth shut. But why was she so intent on helping Tracey? It wasn't as if they were great friends; they knew each other only through the gifted class. And she didn't know anything about Tracey, since the girl didn't say much at

around the corner and blocked their way. "Where are your hall passes?" Jenna had no patience for this nonsense. "Get out of our way." The boy grabbed her arm with his right hand and Amanda's arm with his left. "Okay, you're both going to the office." Jenna struggled to free herself, but he was a big kid and was strong. She turned to Amanda. "Do something!" Amanda got the message. In less than a second, the hall monitor was holding nothing in his left hand. "What the heck--?" Jenna had hoped

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