Andy McNab

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0399244654

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A series of high-profile suicide bombing has devastated London and stymied British Intelligence. But none of that matters to Danny Watts and his ex-spy grandfather Fergus, who are living peacefully incognito in Spain—that is, until their cover is blown in a botched assassination attempt.

Suddenly, Danny and Fergus are forced to return to London and into the swirl of current events. Their only hope of clearing the family name is to break into Intelligence headquarters and steal the files that prove Fergus was framed by his commanding officer. But when Fergus takes a bullet in the leg, it’s up to Danny to do the job alone. Is Danny up to the task? And what is the Watts family’s connection to the bombings?

With a story ripped from today’s headlines, and filled with authentic details from Andy McNab’s experiences in British Special Ops, Payback continues the explosive action that made Traitor a YA action fan favorite.

The Defection of A. J. Lewinter

Shadow Man: At the Heart of the Cambridge Spy Circle

The Forgotten Spy: The Untold Story of Stalin's First British Mole

Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan, Book 3)

The Rhesus Chart (The Laundry Files, Book 5)














appear to be any obvious problem, although in the distance a police siren began to sound. ‘Well?’ said Dudley, turning to look at Deveraux. ‘I want to get to them first. And I have a way. I want to bring them back to finish this. I’ll find out who else knows about Fincham’s corruption and I’ll get Fincham and his fifteen million.’ Dudley stared at Deveraux for a long moment before he spoke again. ‘Our fifteen million, Marcie.’ ‘Our fifteen million, sir.’ Dudley glanced out through the window

like it always is.’ ‘No, not like it always is, Danny,’ said Fergus. ‘Our visitors couldn’t make any noise when they were leaving. They couldn’t slam the door down, so there was no way the slats could be tightly closed. I spotted that as soon as I looked at the door, that’s how I knew there was something wrong.’ Danny shook his head. ‘If you hadn’t seen it—’ ‘I did, Danny, that’s all that matters. But it means we’re finished here. I stuck around to see if anyone came back when the device

cardboard cone, it would produce what is known as the ‘Munroe effect’; this meant that seventy per cent of the energy produced by the explosion would surge forward, towards the entrance of the square. At the same time the explosion would be so powerful and hot, it would instantly melt the nuts and bolts inside the cone and shoot them forward as a mass of white-hot metal, with enough power to penetrate even an armoured vehicle. If the molten metal were to hit a car, the vehicle would be lifted

both killed.’ Dudley considered for a moment and then focused his eyes on the TV screen to his right. ‘Not exactly how you planned this, Marcie.’ ‘No, sir. I have been monitoring their movements and I intended to bring them back at the appropriate time, when we had more to go on and Watts could be of use to us.’ ‘Is there anything you can do now?’ Deveraux shook her head. ‘Since their previous escape Fincham has ensured I had no direct involvement in the case; I argued too strenuously that

low and wait.’ Danny had listened closely to everything his grandfather said, but Elena’s thoughts were still with Joey. She powered down her laptop and slammed down the top far harder than she would normally have done. ‘If he is in hospital, it’s his own stupid fault,’ she almost shouted. ‘He’s stupid. Stupid!’ Danny was about to say that he knew Elena didn’t mean what she said. But he saw the tears in her eyes. He kept his mouth shut. Elena was hurting. Fergus knew it too. ‘We should grab a

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