Plays 3

Plays 3

Harold Pinter

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 2:00261744

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This revised third volume of Harold Pinter's work includes The Homecoming, Old Times, No Man's Land, four shorter plays, six revue sketches and a short story. It also contains the speech given by Pinter in 1970 on being awarded the German Shakespeare Prize.

The Homecoming

'Of all Harold Pinter's major plays, The Homecoming has the most powerful narrative line... You are fascinated, lured on, sucked into the vortex.' Sunday Telegraph

'The most intense expression of compressed violence to be found anywhere in Pinter's plays.' The Times

Old Times

'A rare quality of high tension is evident, revealing in Old Times a beautifully controlled and expressive formality that has seldom been achieved since the plays of Racine.' Financial Times

'Harold Pinter's poetic, Proustian Old Times has the inscrutability of a mysterious picture, and the tension of a good thriller.' Independent

No Man's Land

'The work of our best living playwright in its command of the language and its power to erect a coherent structure in a twilight zone of confusion and dismay.' The Times

The Third Man

Jerome Bixby's The Man from Earth

Farsa da Boa Preguiça




















country. I think I can say that quite confidently. WENDY. Yes, I believe so. DISSON. Oh yes. We manufacture more bidets than anyone else in England. (He laughs.) It’s almost by way of being a mission. Cantilever units, hidden cisterns, footpedals, you know, things like that. WENDY. Footpedals? DISSON. Instead of a chain or plug. A footpedal. WENDY. Oh. How marvellous. DISSON. They’re growing more popular every day and rightly so. WENDY crosses her right leg over her left. Well now,

in his middle thirties Norman Rodway Directed by Peter Hall Three areas. A chair in each area. SILENCE RUMSEY I walk with my girl who wears a grey blouse when she walks and grey shoes and walks with me readily wearing her clothes considered for me. Her grey clothes. She holds my arm. On good evenings we walk through the hills to the top of the hill past the dogs the clouds racing just before dark or as dark is falling when the moon When it’s chilly I stop her and slip her raincoat

kinds. KATE (To ANNA.) And do you like the Sicilian people? DEELEY I’ve been there. There’s nothing more to see, there’s nothing more to investigate, nothing. There’s nothing more in Sicily to investigate. KATE (To ANNA.) Do you like the Sicilian people? ANNA stares at her. Silence ANNA (Quietly.) Don’t let’s go out tonight, don’t let’s go anywhere tonight, let’s stay in. I’ll cook something, you can wash your hair, you can relax, we’ll put on some records. KATE Oh, I

young. I keep open house. Young poets come to me. They read me their verses. I comment, give them coffee, make no charge. Women are admitted, some of whom are also poets. Some are not Some of the men are not. Most of the men are not But with the windows open to the garden, my wife pouring long glasses of squash, with ice, on a summer evening, young voices occasionally lifted in unaccompanied ballad, young bodies lying in the dying light, my wife moving through the shadows in her long gown, what

me that you had an affair with Arabella? SPOONER A form of an affair. She had no wish for full consummation. She was content with her particular predilection. Consuming the male member. HIRST stands. HIRST I’m beginning to believe you’re a scoundrel. How dare you speak of Arabella Hinscott in such a fashion? I’ll have you blackballed from the club! SPOONER Oh my dear sir, may I remind you that you betrayed Stella Winstanley with Emily Spooner, my own wife, throughout a long and

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