Point Blanc (Alex Rider)

Point Blanc (Alex Rider)

Language: English

Pages: 292


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the second book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex is sent by MI6 to infiltrate the exclusive Point Blanc Academy. But the academy hides a deadly secret. Can Alex alert the world to the truth before it’s too late?

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be easy to fall over the edge. The sides of the bridge couldn’t have been more than a metre high. He could hear Fiona approaching. She had been cantering after him, probably laughing the entire way. He gazed into the tunnel – and that was when the grey burst out, raced past him and disappeared through the level-crossing on the other side of the bridge. But Fiona wasn’t on it. The horse had come out alone. It took Alex a few seconds to work it out. His head was reeling. She must have fallen

helicopters flying the Union Jack would have been reassuring. But so far nothing had happened. He even wondered if the alarm signal had worked. At the same time, he was annoyed with himself. He had seen Grief shoot the man called Baxter in the operating theatre and he had panicked. He knew that Grief was a killer. He knew that the academy was far more than the finishing school it pretended to be. But he still didn’t have all the answers. What exactly was Dr Grief doing? Was he responsible for the

what had happened to his father and he looked away, afraid that Paul would read it in his eyes. “How did you get down here?” James asked. “Listen,” Alex said. He was speaking rapidly now. “I was sent here by MI6. My name isn’t Alex Friend. It’s Alex Rider. Everything’s going to be OK. They’ll send people in and get you all freed.” “You’re … a spy?” James was obviously startled. Alex nodded. “I’m a sort of spy, I suppose,” he said. “You’ve opened the door. We can get out of here!” Paul Roscoe

him closer to them. There was nowhere for him to hide. The machine-gun was a Belgian FN MAG and would cut him in half. Alex saw the van. He saw the machine-gun aiming at him. He couldn’t stop. It was too late to change direction. He had come this far, but now he was finished. He felt the strength draining out of him. Where were MI6? Why did he have to die, out here, on his own? And then there was a sudden blast as a train thundered out of the tunnel. It was a goods train, travelling at about

kill me, but you didn’t care.” “That’s not true, Alex!” Mrs Jones looked at Blunt for support but he didn’t meet her eyes. “There were difficulties…” “It doesn’t matter. I just want you to know that I’ve had enough. I don’t want to be a spy any more and if you ask me again, I’ll refuse. I know you think you can blackmail me. But I know too much about you now, so that won’t work any more.” He walked over to the door. “I used to think that being a spy would be exciting and special … like in the

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