Point Blank (Alex Rider Adventure)

Point Blank (Alex Rider Adventure)

Anthony Horowitz

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0142406120

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When an investigation into a series of mysterious deaths leads agents to an elite prep school for rebellious kids, MI6 assigns Alex Rider to the case. Before he knows it, Alex is hanging out with the sons of the rich and powerful, and something feels wrong. These former juvenile delinquents have turned well-behaved, studious—and identical—overnight. It's up to Alex to find out who is masterminding this nefarious plot, before they find him.

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Point Blank Anthony Horowit z GOING DOWN MICHAEL J. ROSCO E was a careful man. The car tha tdrove him to work a tquarter pas tseven each morning was a custom-made Mercedes with reinforce d steel plates an d bul etproof windows. His drive ,r a retire d FBI agen ,t carrie d a Beretta subcompact automatic pistol an d kne w how to use i .t There were jus tfive steps from the point where the car stoppe d t o the entrance of Roscoe Towe ron Ne w York's Fifth Avenue, bu tclose - d

enjoying himself at al . Firs the' d had to endure the inevitable lecture-although he had barely listene . d The horses were Iberian or Hungarian. The 'yd won a bucketful of gold medals. Alex did ' n t care. Al he kne w was tha this horse was bi g and black an d attracted flies. An d tha the was ridin g it with al the style of a sack of potatoes on a trampoline. The tw o of them had barely mentione d the business in the fores .t When Alex ha d limpe d back t o the house, soake

u d like tha .t" Alex shook his hea . d 'Actual y, paintings bore me." "Real y? Wha t a shame!" Alex stood u . p Someho w his han d knocke d into his glass, spil in g the rest of the Coke over the pristine white tablecloth. What was the matter with him? Suddenly he was exhauste . d "Woul d you like me t o come u p with you, Alex?" the woman aske . d She was lookin g careful y at him, a tiny glimme rof interes tin her otherwise dea d eyes. "N . o 'Il be al righ .t" Alex

tlook like. He woul d have t o have a bath before he was seen. H e stood u , p The thi rd floor was as silent as the firs tand secon . d Soot trickle d out of his hair, and for a momen the was blinde . d He proppe d himself agains ta statue while he wipe d his eyes. Then he looked again. He was leanin g on a stone dragon, identical t o the one on the groun d floor. H e looked a tthe fireplace. That too was identical. In fac t. . Alex wondered if he had ' n t someho w made a

you're s o grown-u ! p ' An d they wil suspec tnothin . g In fac ,t they would be worrie d if the boy hadn' tchange . d " "But Roscoe guesse , d didn't he?" Alex kne w that he ha d arrive d at the truth, the reason he had been sent here in the firs tplace. He kne w why Roscoe an d Ivanov had die . d "There have been two occasions when the parents di d no tbelieve wha tthey sa , w " Dr. Grief admitte . d "Michael .J Roscoe in Ne w York. And General Major Viktor Ivanov in Mosco

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