Positive Thinking (Essential Managers)

Positive Thinking (Essential Managers)

Susan Quilliam

Language: English

Pages: 54

ISBN: 1405328363

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Find out how to be positive, optimistic and live a confident and fulfilled life following expert tips, techniques and checklists. Make sure the glass is always half-full as you learn to think positively both in personal and professional situations. Find out how to handle fear, anger and disappointment by assessing thinking patterns and changing negative perceptions and improve your life. Explore different options for making positive changes and put them into action with the aid of helpful flow charts, diagrams and useful examples. Follow as a complete course, or dip in and out of topics for quick reference. Life-enhancing tips in a handy pocket-sized format - take it wherever life takes you!

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partnership. I use positive thinking in my workplace. I can turn round a really bad day. I expect life to change – and I cope! I feel better about life the older I get. I feel the world is a great place. Analysis When you have added up your scores, look at the analysis. Note areas where you are doing well and areas where you still need to improve. Compare your scores with those on your initial assessment to see how far you have come. My weakest areas are: _____________________

Key Concepts To understand positive thinking, begin with an overview of its benefits and how it works. At work or play, with friends or family, positive people are happier and more successful than those with a negative approach. Put simply, positivity works. Focus point Positive people achieve more, stay healthier, and have better relationships than negative thinkers. What is positive thinking? Positive thinking is about more than the thoughts that you have. It is an entire approach to

belief is likely to change to a more useful one. Facing up to your fearsChallenge a negative belief – for example, that the arrival of a new baby will isolate you from your wife – by facing the fear that it engenders, and trusting in a positive belief, such as “She will love me just as much”. Things to do Do learn that even negative core beliefs formed decades ago can be changed. Do replace powerless statements, such as “I must agree with everyone”, with an affirmation like “I know

exercise. Do talk through your feelings with someone who is able to listen carefully. Things to Avoid Avoid bottling up negative emotions. If you feel furious, go and play a ball-game to let your anger out. Avoid thinking you are not permitted to feel down occasionally. Avoid wallowing in an emotion. Instead, take action to solve the problem. Calming yourself Once you have acknowledged your emotions, use calming techniques to lift yourself into a state where you can start to

ideas work, just let your anger go, and move on. Useful exercises To help anger die away, breathe slowly and deeply. If you are angry with someone, use imagination to see them as a fictional character, whose actions do not hurt you. As part of mastering the art of assertiveness, practise summarizing a point you would like to make in no more than five words. Understanding assertiveness When you are in conflict with someone, you need something from them, or they are denying your

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