Psychometric Tests For Dummies

Psychometric Tests For Dummies

Liam Healy

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0470753668

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Today's job market is tough; it's dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential if you want to get the edge. As psychometric testing becomes standard for blue-chip companies to one-man bands this For Dummies guide could mean the difference between success and failure. 

As the world of HR embraces psychometric testing, more and more people are faced with the daunting prospect of having to sit these mysterious exams. The tests have become the standard way in which employers judge abilities – your capacity to work with numbers, words and diagrams; your attainment – what you actually know; and your personality – how you’re likely to act. Psychometric Testing For Dummies is the essential tool for being prepared and calm. The book takes readers step-by-step through each type of test, what to expect and how to prepare for them. It also offers over 850 sample questions to practice on.  Psychometric Testing For Dummies makes these notoriously difficult and confusing tests easy. 

Psychometric Testing For Dummies includes:

  • Understanding why psychometric tests are used
  • Detailed examination of numerical, verbal, technical and abstract tests
  • Full explanation of personality tests
  • How to deal with feedback
  • Over 850 sample questions

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something’s not quite right.’ I always challenge this ‘gut instinct’ rubbish when I hear it. If a required characteristic is not being explicitly identified and measured, I insist that we go back to reviewing the job analysis, job description, person specification, and the assessment tools we use. No areas should be missed, and nothing should be left to ‘gut instinct’. I have asked more than one client, ‘If you bumped into this candidate in the pub tonight and he cornered you about why he didn’t

speed or power tests. You can’t think of personality tests in the same way because the questions are of a zero difficulty level – that is, the answers require no effort on your part to produce. When you’ve read the question, all you need to do is to indicate a preference. So, whereas ability tests measure maximum performance, personality tests measure typical performance. For this reason, setting any kind of pass mark is pointless, as is viewing one personality profile as being ‘better’ than

garulous (b) garruless (c) garroulous (d) garrulous (e) none of them 2. (a) mischievous (b) mischeivious (c) mischievious (d) mischievious (e) none of them 3. (a) verascity (b) veraicity (c) verasity (d) verracity (e) none of them 4. (a) entrepreneur (b) entrepreuner (c) entreprener (d) entrepruener (e) none of them 5. (a) supercede (b) supersede (c) superceed (d) superscede (e) none of them 6. (a) sucsession (b) succesion (c) sucession (d) succession (e) none of them 7. (a) manouvre

0.21 = ? (a) 215 (b) 315 49. 34 - 64 + 10 - 2 = ? (a) -22 50. 121⁄11 = ? (a) 11 Answers: 1. (c); 2. (a); 3. (d); 4. (b); 5. (c); 6. (a); 7. (b); 8. (a); 9. (a); 10. (b); 11. (a); 12. (a); 13. (c); 14. (d); 15. (a); 16. (a); 17. (b); 18. (c); 19. (b); 20. (d); 21. (c); 22. (d); 23. (d); 24. (c); 25. (b); 26. (d); 27. (c); 28. (c); 29. (a); 30. (b); 31. (c); 32. (a); 33. (c); 34. (b); 35. (d); 36. (b); 37. (a); 38. (d); 39. (a); 40. (b); 41. (b); 42. (a); 43. (d); 44. (d); 45. (d); 46. (d); 47.

questions? (a) Option 1 (b) Option 2 (c) Option 3 (d) Option 4 (ix) If you revised for seven days which option should you avoid? (a) Option 1 (b) Option 2 (c) Option 3 (d) Option 4 (x) What is the minimum number of days you need to revise to give yourself a chance of answering all the questions in option 3? (a) 2 days (b) 3 days (c) 4 days (d) 5 days 17_753668 ch11_2.qxp 4/8/10 2:37 PM Page 165 Chapter 11: Numerical Ability Sample Tests 165 13. Software Development A ‘compiler’ is a

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