Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan

Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan

Hans Tao-Ming Huang

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 9888083082

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Examining the deployments of gender and sexuality over the past five decades in Taiwan, this book chronicles a queer historiography that illuminates the production of sexual identities and the formation of sexual modernity. Through primary research and historical investigation, Hans Tao-Ming Huang offers a contextualised study of Pai Hsien-yung's Crystal Boys, one of Taiwan's first recognized gay novels, as he critically engages disparate discursive fields of dominant legal and medical discourses of sex, lesbian and gay activism, as well as mainstream feminist politics. He shows that the construction of male homosexuality as a term of social exclusion is historically linked to the state's banning of prostitution, further delineating a moral-sexual order that has come to be buttressed by the hegemonic rise of anti-prostitution state feminism since the 1990s. In exploring the imbrications of male homosexuality, prostitution and feminism in Taiwanese national culture, Huang boldly ventures a politics of sexual dissidence that contests state-inspired heteronormativity.

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of girls, apparently unaware of the social stigma attached to sex work before being placed in the reform institutions, are actually quite content with their work and way of life.24 That those girls’ desires to continue their way of life has been violently intercepted by state power, that the friendship and emotional support they find through such way of life,25 are of no concern to Hwang as she subsumes and absorbs the minor happiness that they pursue through the rhetoric of love. For Hwang,

vulnerability is the scene merely covered over and displaced by the older women’s pseudoautonomy; the young girl’s minority is the true scene of arrested development of all American women’s secondclass citizenship.42 Berlant’s argument, implicitly evoking Freud’s rendition of homosexuality as an arrested development within the teleology of Oedipal genitality, demonstrates well the same logic that inheres in Hwang’s compulsion to repeat love. Insofar as this love is, as I have argued so far,

redemptive project to rewrite sex through state power, I show that a deep feminist melancholia inheres in the political unconscious of the dominant women’s movement. Faced with the proliferation of non-conjugal intimacies precipitated in part by new technologies, mainstream feminism clings tenaciously to an essentialised feminine subject position as she mourns the loss of the monogamous ideal. Drawing on the work of Judith Butler, I contend Introduction 29 that the feminist doxa of ‘sexual

like a woman, and they usually charge from 600 to 800 NT dollars. Those who play no. 0 are usually young men with delicate features and a fine appearance. 2) Secretive code no. 1: these men in the homosexual circle play ‘man’ and are willing to pay. 3) Secretive code no. 10: in the homosexual circle, this type of man plays double roles. They can be men but are also willing to act/serve (chongdang) as ‘women’. They first play with one another, and then see who invites whom, and the one who is

interest in psychoanalytic theory also resides in understanding how the patriarchal mind works and, more importantly, in countering patriarchal domination through the application of psychoanalytic insights.15 Psychoanalytic theory is thus for Liu a methodology, an indispensable tool to dismantle the master’s house. As such, it serves as an epistemological base for her state feminist project. Meanwhile, Liu’s standing as an outspoken public intellectual, actively intervening in the formation of

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