Rascal (The Puppy Place #4)

Rascal (The Puppy Place #4)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439793823

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Lizzie and Charles Peterson love dogs, especially puppies.  So it is perfect that the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. They will adopt a pet of their own one day, but now they are happy to help puppies find just the right home.  

The Petersons' newest foster puppy is Rascal.  He is a Jack Russell terrier, and his name fits him well.  He may be small, but he can cause big trouble.  Lizzie and Charles are in for a challenge.  Will they be able to find someone who will care for this pesky little puppy?


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lived right next door. “I don’t know.” Lizzie sighed. “Maybe they would be a good influence on Rascal. He’s out of control!” Lizzie had learned a lot about training dogs — from the Internet, from books, and from dog trainers she had met — but she wasn’t sure any of it would work with this puppy. He definitely had a mind of his own, and enough energy for a whole pack of dogs. “Mom sure wasn’t happy when he ran into the living room and jumped onto the couch,” Charles agreed. “And from the couch

Rascal was a full-time job, and after only two days it was wearing her out. Being at school was almost like a vacation. “Maybe you just need a break,” Maria said. “I have a riding lesson after school. I bet Kathy could fit you in if you wanted to come.” Lizzie shook her head and popped the last bite of Fig Newton into her mouth. “I can’t,” she said, scrunching up her lunch bag. “We signed Rascal up for puppy kindergarten and it starts today.” “Puppy kindergarten?” Maria laughed. “What do they

take him outside for a few minutes and let him “cool down.” Lizzie almost didn’t want to go back inside when the time-out was up. But Rascal needed training, and Lizzie needed help! “I’m really sorry,” she said to Jamie when class was finally over. “Maybe we shouldn’t come back next time.” Was Rascal going to be a kindergarten dropout? “Oh, don’t worry about it,” Jamie said. “You should definitely keep trying. Believe me, I’ve seen worse. He’ll learn!” Lizzie was starting to wonder about that.

very smart. He just has so much energy!” Jamie nodded thoughtfully. “He may just need lots and lots of exercise and room to run,” she said. She looked around the gym and saw that the other owners were back from break. “All right,” she said, walking back to the middle of the circle. “Let’s ask our dogs to stay.” Lizzie groaned. Not loudly enough for Jamie to hear, just a little tiny groan. So far, Rascal was not doing too well with the “stay” thing. “Remember, we want to help the dogs do well.

Kathy’s horse. He’s an amazing jumper. She used to show him all the time, but now he’s so moody that she doesn’t take him to horse shows. I think he’s bored, and that just makes him grouchier.” “You’re probably right,” someone said. It was Kathy, joining them near Sir Galahad’s stall. She walked right up to the big horse and rubbed his nose. He snorted but didn’t move away. “Silly guy,” she said. “Why can’t you be nice like you used to be?” Lizzie sighed. “It’s so hard to get animals to do what

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