Requiem for the Conqueror (Forbidden Borders Book 1)

Requiem for the Conqueror (Forbidden Borders Book 1)

Language: English

Pages: 582


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a case of mistaken identity, Staffa kar Therma, the Lord Commander of Companions, the mightiest mercenary commander in known space, is taken captive and sold into a desert slave gang. There he must face the worst consequences of his terrible career. Skyla Lyma, his second in command, unleashes the Companions in a desperate search to find him. Meanwhile the young conscript Sinklar Fist demonstrates uncanny leadership and military acumen as he advances through the ranks. As empires scramble for ever decreasing resources, behind the scenes, the Mag Comm, a mysterious computer, pulls the strings of power that will leave a civilization reeling. In the end, as empires collide, Staffa must face the truth of his identity, and a coming showdown with his lost son.

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we've set for ourselves." She cleared her throat. "You see, the Seddi think humanity is destined to be destroyed—or to destroy itself. The Star Butcher is part of that species death drive." "Species death drive?" What blame now lies on my shoul ders? How am I damned by the Seddi? "Consider this." Kaylla mounded the sand before her. "Humanity is a conscious race-organism. We all share the Mind of God. What happens when the species—all of us— is imprisoned within the Forbidden Borders? In a

carried a cool tang, fresh and clear in his nostrils. Sergeant Hamlish's quiet voice in his ear made him jump. "Idiot!" Sinklar berated himself, "It's only your ear comm!" "Fist!" MacRuder's retort sounded loud in the system. "Shut your mike off! We aren't interested in evaluations of your intelligence." Sinklar colored red, a horrible shame rising to throttle his heart. Did he do everything wrong? Hamlish ordered, "Group B, you're on the outside. Pair off and advance. We should be just over

committee caught his eye and held it. His heart skipped a beat as he studied her. Hair like iced gold had been braided into a tight shimmering coil about her left arm. She wore formfitting white, stitched with glittering thread and remarkable Sylenian jewels—nothing else sparkled in so many brilliant colors. A golden choker hugged her graceful neck. With a start he recognized it to be a helmet field collar for a space suit. By the Holy Sassa, her whole outfit consisted of battle armor suitable

for those personnel present. Two hours later, she'd drawn a negative. She had traced his path up to the time the Ashtan CV had left from a pharmaceutical supply drop. Thereafter, no one had seen him. He hadn't accessed comm. Could he have been abducted on the CV? She called up the records and watched the security files. Not once did the pilot leave the craft. Prom each of the cameras she watched the entire drop, never seeing the slightest impropriety, not even a hint of breached security.

slimy surfaces as his buoyancy tried to float him. I'll die in here. My son, my son, have I failed you, too? Sharp angular points of rock ate into Sinklar Fist's chest, belly, and thighs. Sink studied the broken ridge tops through his starlight goggles. So soon after sundown, the IR visor had shown him only a mixture of hot spots. He'd come to know each nook and cranny of the topography the way he'd once known his narrow cot in the school dormitory on Rega. "Sink? I'm moving up now," Gretta's

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