Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model (Introducing)

Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model (Introducing)

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 0735679606

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Use a Hybrid Cloud solution - combining cloud storage with on-premise storage - and help dramatically decrease costs while increasing scalability and agility. This book offers focused, concise insights on technical considerations, benefits, and tradeoffs, so you can begin planning for implementation.

  • Explains, in both practical and strategic terms, how a new enterprise storage model can solve multiple challenges
  • Delivers focused insights on architecture, access, backups, snapshots, data redundancy as a service, dedupes, capacity, data lifecycles, storage tiering, archiving, externalized blobs, storage consolidation, compression, bandwidth, and privacy and security planning
  • The author is an expert for cloud storage technologies and is well known in the networking technologies community

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requires. New technologies for disk-based backup, including virtual tape libraries and data deduplication, have been instrumental in helping organizations reduce or eliminate the use of tape. Meanwhile, snapshot technology has become very popular with IT teams by making it easier to restore point-in-time copies of data. The growing use of remote replication with dedupe backup systems and snapshot solutions indicates the importance IT teams place on automated off-site backup storage. Nonetheless,

Otherwise, a lot of data will be kept for a long time that does not require that level of protection. Managing policies for migrated volumes The section Migrating data with server virtualization technology in Chapter 4 discussed storage migrations in VM environments. It is important for IT teams to remember that data protection policies will likely change when the VMDK or VHD is moved to another storage system. IT teams are advised to align migrated VMs with policies and practices that

multiple products and services is called orchestration. Orchestration automates multiple complex setup and configuration tasks for technologies that work together to form a solution. Orchestration is an excellent example of a relatively new technology area with enormous potential for managing hybrid cloud computing environments. As orchestration matures, the breadth and depth of the automation it provides will expand. Eventually, orchestration may be able to create complete virtual data centers

integrity and availability, Meeting regulatory requirements for privacy, data integrity, and availability data centers cloud, Introducing the hybrid cloud storage architecture, Thanks to VMs, everything done in data centers today can be done in the cloud tomorrow, Migrating applications and copying data on-premises, Rethinking enterprise storage, CiS designs for efficient working set storage, Thanks to VMs, everything done in data centers today can be done in the cloud tomorrow, Managing

contain customer account information, financial data, or logon credentials. Businesses that have lost tapes in-transit have not only had to pay for extensive customer notification and education programs, but they have also suffered the loss of reputation. Backup software determines the order that tapes are used, as well as the generation of tape names. Unfortunately, tapes are sometimes mislabeled which can lead to incomplete backup coverage, as well as making restores and recoveries more

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