Rilla of Ingleside

Rilla of Ingleside

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1512282502

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This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


Comme un intrus

Les Faux Fuyants

Le chant des nuits heureuses












few bruises, and a big fright, was quite uninjured. He was so badly scared that he didn’t even cry, but Rilla, when she found that he was safe and sound, burst into tears and sobbed wildly. “Nasty old twain,” remarked Jims in disgust. “And nasty old God,” he added, with a scowl at the heavens. A laugh broke into Rilla’s sobbing, producing something very like what her father would have called hysterics. But she caught herself up before the hysteria could conquer her. “Rilla Blythe, I’m ashamed

hoped she had got over her huffiness and we could be the chums we used to be. “But as soon as we sat down Irene began to rub me the wrong way. I saw her cast a look at my new knitting-bag. All the girls have always said Irene was jealous-minded and I would never believe them before. But now I feel that perhaps she is. “The first thing she did was to pounce on Jims—Irene pretends to adore babies—pick him out of his cradle and kiss him all over his face. Now, Irene knows perfectly well that I

it and that you may tie to. He says that the big British victory at New Chapelle cost more than it was worth and he has forbid Joe Milgrave to come near the house because Joe ran up his father’s flag when the news came. Have you noticed, Mrs. Dr. dear, that the Czar has changed that Prish name to Premysl, which proves that the man had good sense, Russian though he is? Joe Vickers told me in the store that he saw a very queer looking thing in the sky tonight over Lowbridge way. Do you suppose it

the relief of Rilla, who felt that she could endure no more just then. “He was not poor. He was richer than any of you. It is you who stay at home and will not let your sons go who are poor—poor and naked and mean and small—pisen poor, and so are your sons, with all their prosperous farms and fat cattle and their souls no bigger than a flea’s—if as big.” “I came here to comfort the afflicted and not to be insulted,” said Mrs. Reese, taking her departure, unregretted by anyone. Then the fire went

turned a dreadful bluish colour and had such an agonized expression, and he kept struggling with his little hands, as if he were appealing to us to help him somehow. I found myself thinking that the boys who had been gassed at the front must have looked like that, and the thought haunted me amid all my dread and misery over Jims. And all the time the fatal membrane in his wee throat grew and thickened and he couldn’t get it up. “Oh, I was just wild! I never realized how dear Jims was to me until

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