Rush Home Road: A Novel

Rush Home Road: A Novel

Lori Lansens

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0316008036

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When 5-year old Sharla Cody is dumped on the doorstep of Addy Shadd, a 70-year old woman living in a trailer park, Addy does not know how completely her life is about to change. She's hardly used to company and the troubled Sharla is not the sweet, beautiful angel she had envisioned. Over time, Addy and Sharla form a bond that neither of them expected-and Sharla begins to undergo a transformation under Addy's patient and loving care. But much to Addy's surprise and dismay, Sharla's presence brings back memories of her own tumultuous childhood. As she reminisces about her days growing up in Rusholme, a town settled by fugitive slaves in the mid 1800s, she remembers her family and her first love and confronts the painful experience that drove her away from home, never to return.
Brilliantly structured and achingly lyrical, this beautiful first novel by the award-winning author of The Girls tells the story of two unlikely people thrown together who transform each other's lives forever.

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rose then, and seemed a different man. Neither of them had to say a word to know what the other was thinking. What had happened would never happen again. They’d secretly cherish the memory and suffer for it too, but could not and would not regret. Hamond sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on his clothes. He didn’t turn around when Addy set her hand on his shoulder. He did turn when he got to the door, and though his face was lost in shadow, Addy knew he was smiling and she smiled too. The

Rochelle. Rochelle, like you to meet Addy Shadd. You remember, I told you about her after we—” “Of course.” Rochelle Williams took Addy’s hand, looked into her eyes, and scrunched her nose. “I know. I look just like my mother. I’ve heard it all my life.” “I bet you have.” “Thank the Lord I took after my mother and not my Aunt Josephine.” Addy nearly laughed, for Camille and Josephine were identical twins, but she saw Rochelle Williams was not joking. Isaac went to find his rope as Rochelle

trailer too. She shoved Fawn out of her way, climbed onto the railing, and leaned over. She looked through the little window and saw that everything was gone. She turned to Krystal, her left eye twitching. “Where’s my Mum?” “That’s what I’d like to know. She never said nothing to me. Not a fucking word.” Fawn skipped down the bottom step. Krystal leaned over to look in the window again. It was then that Addy Shadd rounded the corner, appearing tiny and breathless on the ragged stone road.

stop and give them a ride. She hadn’t answered Mum Addy’s question about her father. She couldn’t. Addy asked again, “You ever see your Daddy before? You know what he looks like?” Sharla shrugged and didn’t want to talk about the Daddy she didn’t know. “You know his name?” “Cody.” “I guess that.” “Not Depuis.” “What’s not Depuis?” Sharla giggled because Mum Addy didn’t know. “My Mum. Collette Depuis.” Of course, thought Addy, surprised she hadn’t thought it before. Collette had not

but rose from the blanket and ran all the way to the trailer and into the comfort of Mum Addy’s just-waking arms. After she had tearfully confessed everything to Mum Addy, Sharla felt better, then quickly worse when Mum said, “Well, you know what you have to do now?” Sharla shook her head because she’d been sure confessing would be the end of it. “We are gonna take a little walk over to Fawn’s trailer and you are gonna tell her how very, very sorry you are for what you done.” Sharla folded her

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