Search for a Method

Search for a Method

Jean-Paul Sartre

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Search for a Method

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is convinced that they represent truth a priori, the less fussy he will be about proof. The Kerstein Amendment, the appeals of Radio Free Europe, rumors these are sufficient for the French Communists to ''place** the entity ^world imperialism" at the origin of the events in Hungary. stan "anticipated" (before the English) by its old. religious traditions. actually this or something else matters little to is the synthetic view which gives life to the objects of the analysis. Whether Hindustan is

Now, IE the not of the tive to parts am -a of view with in Gironde on this count of the and its inward do not French conflict any more I, we for my the its to the the or- ganization of its acts, But very often today people reduce to a wretched truism. They willingly did not know what he was doing, but they obvious fact that sooner or later the social on the political had to become involved In a war. Therefore, by declaring war on the Princes and on the Emperor, the

make History in the capitalist country whose industrialization is most advanced. It is in name of this totalization that Marx will be able to show the action of superstractuxes on substnictural the facts. 9 true that **the population* is an abstract so concept long as we have not defined it by its most fundamental structures (that is, so long as it has not But if it is taken its place, as a concept, within the framework of the Marxist interpretation), it is also true that when this

then dialectic promptly disappears. It is impossible to conceive of the appearance of systematic processes such as capitalism or colonialism if we consider the remust understand that sultants of antagonistic forces to be means. We individuals do not colide like molecules, but that, upon the basis of given conditions and divergent and opposed interests, each one understands and surpasses the project of the other. It is by these surpassings and surpassings of surpassings that a social object may

period (roles , for example, many of which common instruments) by showing both their are also immediate theoretical meaning and their far-reaching efficacy (each potential idea, each intellectual attitude, appearing as an enterprise which Is developed upon the ground of real conflicts and which must serve them). But we shall not fudge their efficacy ahead of time as Lukacs and so many others do. shall demand that the comprehensive study of schemata and We roles release to us their real

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