Secrets of Story Well Told: From Theme to Organic Storytelling (Screenwriting Blue Books)

Secrets of Story Well Told: From Theme to Organic Storytelling (Screenwriting Blue Books)

William Martell

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 2:00215126

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


What are the secrets of good storytelling? Why do some stories flow and others get bogged down in subplots and dead ends? What makes a great story? If you have those dreaded "story problems" this 85,000 word book will help you solve them!

Learn the twelve elements of story: Ideas, Concepts, Conflict, Characters, Plot, Locations, Time, Tone, Genre, and Arena. How each element is critical to building your story, and how a mistake in the choice of any element effects the rest... and may create "story problems".

Using Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur's "Liar Liar" as the primary example, we'll go step-by-step through the construction of a story... and how to tell a story well, why conflict is required, why Story always starts with character... but ISN'T character, Breaking Your Story, Irony, Planting Information, Evolving Story, Leaving No Dramatic Stone Unturned, The Three Greek Unities, The Importance Of Stakes, How to isolate a conflict, your story's theme - and The Thematic Method, and how to create personal stories with blockbuster potential. Ready to tell a story?

About the Author:

William C. Martell has written seventeen produced films for cable and video including three HBO World Premieres, two Made For Showtimes, three CineMax Premieres, two films for USA Network, and many others. Reviewer David Nuttycombe of The Washington Post calls him "The Robert Towne of made for cable movies" and he was the only non-nominated screenwriter mentioned on Siskel & Ebert's 1997 Oscar Special "If We Picked The Winners". He doesn't teach screenwriting, he writes for a living.

The naval warfare action film "Steel Sharks" (HBO) stars Gary Busey and Billy Dee Williams, and was made with the cooperation of the US Navy and Department Of Defense onboard an actual aircraft carrier. "Hard Evidence" (USA) was released to video the same day as Julia Roberts' film "Something To Talk About" and out-rented it, landing at the #7 position nationally while the Roberts' film ended up #8 ("Hard Evidence" was the better reviewed film). Submarine thriller "Crash Dive" (HBO) starred Frederic Forest, and introduced "JAG"s Catherine Bell and Christopher Titus from Fox's sit-com "Titus". "Treacherous" (Cinemax) Starred Tia Carrere, Adam Baldwin and C. Thomas Howell. His family film "Invisible Mom" starring "ET"s Dee Wallace Stone won Best Children's Film at the Santa Clarita Film Festival. Mr. Martell is currently working on several projects for major studios.

Story Engineering

Elements of Writing Fiction - Characters & Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing)

Wild Things!: Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature

Writing a Non-boring Family History (Revised Edition)



















this exciting idea with high stakes that explores your emotional issue in scene after scene... and that's the basis of a story that is both exciting and emotionally involving. Learning to write something that is both personal and commercial is critical when you consider that most of a screenwriter’s work is *assignments*, adapting a comic book like “Iron Man 3" or a radio show like “The Lone Ranger” or a sequel like “Fast 6". You need to be able to find a “doorway” into an assigned story so that

the mistake that he keeps on making over and over again. In “Liar Liar” Jim Carrey believes that a lie is better than the truth - that's his flaw. Again, these are difficult to dig for because they end up being *our* flaws - and who wants to admit they have any flaws? Who wants to expose them to the cinema audience? C) What is the one thing in life they could not imagine themselves doing? The one thing they absolutely refuse to do? Make a list of all of the things you would *never* do. Would

Zhuge. Leading a handful of archer women on horseback, Li’l Sis attacks an enemy Cavalry division, blasting them with arrows. They are chased across the high desert by the Cavalry... kicking up dust. Enough dust so that the Cavalry can’t see that they are being led into a trap! Great reversal! And the ambush is filled with great *how* ideas: the Viceroy’s army uses a series of amazing battle formations to create a maze of shielded archers that trap the enemy Cavalry division. Not only are the

each other gifts for Christmas. The wife has long, beautiful hair that she is proud of; so the husband sells his heirloom pocket watch to buy her a beautiful comb. What are the expected results of this event? Meanwhile the wife cuts and sells her hair to buy her husband a fob for his heirloom pocket watch. What are the expected results of the wife's actions? As you can see, both of these actions leads to unexpected results - the exact opposite of what each had intended. It's double irony! Irony

Miramax, George Clooney's Section Eight Productions, Joel Silver Films, and the amazing Steve Robinson took what he learned in the class and wrote the winner of the Nokia International Short Film Competition, "Have I Passed?". Mr. Martell has taught screenwriting courses at Sherwood Oaks College in Los Angeles, for Project Greenlight in Los Angeles, at the Cripple Creek (Colorado) Film Festival, the Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) Film Festival, the Temecula (California) Film Festival, several

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