The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, Book 5)

The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, Book 5)

David Eddings

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0345377591

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Time was running out for Garion and his companions in their quest to recover Garion's infant son and heir. If they could not locate the Place Which Is No More, then Zandramas, the Child of Dark, would use Garion's son in a rite that would raise the Dark Prophecy to eternal dominion over the universe!

Only the Seeress of Kell could reveal the site of that mysterious place--and that she could do only once Garion and Polgara had fulfilled an ancient prophecy in the mountain fastness of the Seers . . .

Kell itself was closed to Zandramas--but her dark magic could force the knowledge she needed from one of Garion's party. She laid her traps and dispatched her foul minions, determined to claim the world for the Dark God. But Garion would let nothing stand between him and his son . . .

Here is the epochal conclusion to David Eddings' bestselling The Malloreon, the culmination of an unparalleled quest across strange lands and among strange peoples--a magnificent fantasy of men, Kings, Sorcerers, and Gods caught up in the seven-thousand-year war between two ancient, opposing Destinies battling to determine the fate of all creation.

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‘Could you see if she’s got those lights under her skin?’ Garion asked. ‘Oh, my, yes. Her face looks like a meadow full of fireflies on a summer evening. I saw something else, too. That albatross is out there. We nodded, but we didn’t have time to stop and speak.’ ‘What was he doing?’ Silk asked suspiciously. ‘Just hovering. You know how albatrosses are. I don’t think they move their wings more than once a week. The fog is starting to thin. Why don’t we just ease around and stand on one of

swarm down here. You can show them the document and send them all home again. If I’ve got exclusive access, we’ll make millions. Millions, Urgit, millions!’ Both of their noses were twitching violently now. ‘What sort of provisions would we want to put in this agreement of exclusivity?’ Urgit asked cautiously. Silk grinned broadly at him and reached inside his doublet again. ‘I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up an interim document,’ he said, pulling out another parchment, ‘just to save time,

still somehow central to all their lives. ‘Thank you, Garion,’ Poledra said simply. ‘It seems appropriate somehow,’ Garion told her. Prince Geran was not too impressed with his baby sister, but boys seldom are. ‘Isn’t she awfully little?’ he asked when his father woke him to introduce them. ‘It’s the nature of babies to be little. She’ll grow.’ ‘Good.’ Geran looked at her gravely. Then, apparently feeling that he should say something nice about her, he added, ‘She has nice hair. It’s the

considered how we might least offend the children of the Dragon God when they should come so that they would not interrupt our studies. In the end we concluded that our warlike neighbors would be least apprehensive about simple tillers of the soil living in rude communities on the land, and we so ordered our lives. We pulled down our cities and carried away the stones and we betook ourselves back to the land so that we might not alarm our neighbors nor arouse their envy. And the years passed and

unto all the people that it is He who will choose us. Abide therefore against his coming, for it is certain. Put aside thy grief and turn thy face to the sky and to the earth that thou mayest read the signs written there, for this I say unto all the people. It is upon ye that His coming rests. For behold, He may not choose ye unless ye choose Him. And this is the Fate for which we were made. Rise up, therefore, and sit no more upon the earth in vain and foolish lamentation. Take up the task which

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