Selected Plays 1999-2009: San Diego; Outlying Islands; Pyrenees; The American Pilot; Being Norwegian; Kyoto; Brewers Fayre

Selected Plays 1999-2009: San Diego; Outlying Islands; Pyrenees; The American Pilot; Being Norwegian; Kyoto; Brewers Fayre

David Greig

Language: English

Pages: 307

ISBN: 2:00367434

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Greig: Plays 1 brings together four key plays by the playwright described by the Daily Telegraph as 'one of the most interesting and adventurous British dramatists of his generation'.

In Outlying Island two young Cambridge ornithologists are sent to a remote island. Together with its authoritarian leaseholder and his niece they observe an innocence that is about to be destroyed forever. San Diego offers a strange and occasionally nightmarish journey into the heart of the contemporary American dream, weaving together stories of illegal immigrants, of film stars and whores, and even of the playwright himself. Pyrenees follows a man found lying in the snow in the foothills as he tries to piece together his identity. In The American Pilot a crash-landing in a remote valley in a distant country raises questions about how the world sees America and how America sees the world.

The collection also includes a trilogy of short plays, Being Norwegian, Kyoto and Brewers Fayre, published here for the first time.

Outlying Island
'I can't recommend it highly enough . . . A rich, charged play, veering between the comic and the poetic as innocence gives way to experience.' Telegraph

San Diego
'A surreal and intriguing piece of theatre . . . dazzling . . . Home and awake from the mythical dream that is San Diego, the name David Greig remains imprinted on our minds.' Independent

'All the wit and intelligence of previous works, probing away at concerns that are both contemporary and timeless...A classy, rewarding, engaging drama, Greig's best to date.' The Times

The American Pilot
'One of the most intellectually stimulating dramatists around. A richly provocative new play.' Guardian

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about the fowling rights. They don’t know that I take some two hundred fowl from this island every year. Does the germ kill birds? That’s what I want to know. John What germ? What are you talking about? Robert They told you about the germ? I didn’t realise the ministry had told Mr Kirk about the germ. Kirk It was a slip of the tongue. Not my place to have mentioned it. John What germ? Robert John, it’s that project. John What project? Robert The one they told us about. Kirk

before. It’s best if we forget it. Anna Why? The Man You’re younger than me and – I’m sorry. I got a bit ‘spazzy’. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Anna No. The Man Stupid. Stupid. Oh God. Anna Please don’t be like this. The Man I feel sick. Anna Please. The Man I’m actually going to have to be sick. I’m sweating like a pig. Anna I wish I knew your name. The Man Why? Anna I want to say it to you. I want to say your name to soothe you. The Man I’ll tell you one

written on a scrap of paper. Somewhere in the apartment a mobile phone rings. Eventually the phone stops ringing. Pilot (voice on the phone) Please leave a message after the beep. Laura … Where are you? She puts the phone down. She limps off. The Pilot holding David on the dusty path beside the highway. David is visibly ill now. The Pilot is frantically trying to flag down a car. None are stopping. Pilot Stop. Stop. Please stop … David What time is it? Pilot It’s five o clock in

Pilot Oh, man. Woah. Hey. Good morning. Evie Good morning, Mr Jason. Pilot Is this for me? This is for me? Farmer Tell him to eat. Evie I am breakfast, Mr Jason. Eat me up. Pilot What? Evie Eat me up. I am breakfast. Eat me up. Pilot OK. OK. I’ll eat you up. I’m a big bad wolf. I’ll eat you up. The Pilot laughs. Evie He has a nice laugh. Farmer He’s just American. Don’t be too impressed. Outside, the arrival of a jeep. A very loud tuneful blast of the horn. The jeep

Anthony? Nothing’s wrong. You seem nervous. Well I – it’s – You’re bound to be nervous, I suppose, Am I? You’re on a date. How did you know I was on a date? Aftershave. Oh. Relax, Anthony. You look like you want to run away. Sorry. Is it a blind date? Not exactly. Not exactly? I’ve seen her photo. Oh. It’s an internet thing. No wonder you’re nervous. Photos probably fake. She’ll probably look like a troll. An old troll with a witchy head. You’re embarrassed. She does look like

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