Sensuous Tears: Aesthetic Gesture and the Pure Event of September 11

Sensuous Tears: Aesthetic Gesture and the Pure Event of September 11

Jay S. Brower

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 2:00143440

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The aim of this thesis is a critical inquiry into the construction of September 11 as
an aesthetic gesture. I undertake this project by first discerning the epistemic, rhetorical,
and ideological conditions of the event and the ways they are employed in dominant
cultural narratives. Through the frame of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s
“schizoanalysis” I undertake a reading of September11 which seeks to uncover
expressions of seemingly incommensurable reactions to the event that bridge a desire to
“watch” and overt outrage. I further discuss how electronic mediation complicates our
understanding of the event and produces a type of de-politicized aesthetic gesture.

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indisputable reality. Initially arguing, “The Gulf War will not take place,” Baudrillard theorizes that war, as it has become known, is no longer possible in the proper sense of the term (The Gulf War 23). Instead, we are left to grapple over the corpse of war even though its resuscitation is no longer possible. Our current state, according to Baudrillard, is one of anticipation for the playing out of an impossible 33 violence on the global scene, a violence that can no longer take place,

usage in our everyday lexicon. I will initiate this discussion by first sketching a brief history of U.S. intervention in the Middle East and then expand that discussion by 39 chronicling the current uses of those historical “us” and “them” constructions in postSeptember 11 discourse. Throughout contemporary discourse, September 11 has become widely accepted as a political act. Dominant cultural discourses acknowledge belief in this assumption by validating a multitude of observations

effeminate, and infantile has greatly influenced the ways in which we speak about September 11, specifically, the essentializing overtones of dominant cultural discourse. This takes place primarily in the construction of the signifiers “terrorist” and “America.” Due to the oppositional positioning of these terms, a number of inferences can be made about them. It is first necessary to understand the metonymic characteristics of how these particular signifiers function. Metonym functions by way of

Assembly, 2001. ---. "State of the Union." Vital Speeches of the Day 70.8 (2004): 226-32. ---. "We Are at War against Terrorism." Vital Speeches of the Day 68.1 (2001): 2-4. ---. “Statement by the President in His Address to the Nation.” 30 June 2005 . Butler, Judith. "Peace Is Resistance to the Terrible Satisfactions of War: An Interview with Judith Butler." Qui Parle 14.1 (2003): 99-121. ---. Precarious Life: The Powers of

the ruling intellectual force of a given social arrangement (Marx and Engels 64). This theory of ideology treats it as an external distortion implemented by the dominant class to further extend relations of domination. In more contemporary discussions, scholars and politicians, in particular, utilize the same basic theoretical structure (i.e., treating ideology as a value-laden discourse that enables a rhetor to fabricate accounts not supported by tangible evidence). Ironically, 10 current-term

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