Sew Fast Sew Easy: All You Need to Know When You Start to Sew

Sew Fast Sew Easy: All You Need to Know When You Start to Sew

Elissa K. Meyrich

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0312269099

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Includes three ready-to-use patterns

Reinvent Sewing for the Twenty-first Century!
“Where did you get your skirt?”

Ever want to create your own designer-look fashions? Develop unique accessories or home decor? Even if you’ve never held a needle or used a sewing machine, this book is all you need. With three simple patterns and easy-to-follow instructions, you can put your own stamp on fashion and step out in style—yours!

You’ll learn:
- Tips and techniques from a fashion industry insider
- How to use your sewing machine to express your creativity
- How to custom-fit commercial patterns for that sexy look
- All about the latest fabrics and the best ways to use them

Plus a glossary of sewing terms makes quick reference easy.

So don’t wait. Use the ideas and simple how-to instructions in this book, and everyone will want to know the secret source for your fabulous clothes and accessories!

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at side seams Pin the side seams together so that the side seams are edge to edge and meeting at the notches that you clipped. (Don’t worry if the front is bigger than the back. It is supposed to be that way.) Step 6: Sew side seams Make sure to start sewing from the very top of the seams and sew straight to the bottom of the skirt, using your magnetic seam guide to help you sew a straight 5/8-inch seam allowance. The stitch length on your sewing machine should be set at the largest

that the more you taper the skirt, the more it becomes necessary to have the center back slit so that you can walk and step into a car or up onto a bus. Tapering is always flattering, even to a very curvaceous figure. There is nothing more unflattering than a dumpy-looking skirt. After you have checked to see if you adjusted your skirt to hang properly, take a look in the mirror. Now take pins and with your fingers pinch in any excess fabric at your fullest hip. Turn sideways and look at the

and thread through. Continue doing this until you go all around your skirt hem to reach the point where you started. End your hem by sewing a backstitch, two tiny stitches one on top of the other. Cut your thread. BLIND HEM STITCH A catch stitch is another basic hand stitch. Sew using the same basic principles above, except crisscross the thread. CATCH STITCH FINISHING WITH HEM TAPE Hem tape is a real dressmaker finish that covers up the raw edge on your hem. If you are in a hurry

fullness given to a pattern to allow for movement and sitting. Fabric A cloth used as a covering. It is produced by knitting, weaving, braiding, or felting fibers. Face A textile term for the right side of the fabric. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which side is the face, so it’s helpful to mark it with tailor’s chalk. Facing piece A duplicate layer of fabric that is folded back to the inside so as to keep from having a raw edge showing. Fasteners Snaps or metal hooks

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