Shock Warning

Shock Warning

Michael Walsh

Language: English

Pages: 386

ISBN: 0786024127

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

You'll love Walsh's books! --Rush Limbaugh

Countdown To Armageddon

It begins in California with a devastating biological attack--a horrific display of homegrown terror unseen on U.S. soil--just weeks before the presidential election. For the White House, it is a political nightmare, as it threatens to plunge the country into panic and economic chaos. But for the NSA's undercover agent Devlin, it is the ultimate warning. Devlin knows who's behind the mayhem. He knows who controls the media. And he knows that, unless he can stop it, the End of Days begins. . .on Election Day.

Praise for Michael Walsh and the Devlin novels

"A great, great, great political thriller. . .Vince Flynn caliber. " --Rush Limbaugh

"Walsh knows what he's up to." --USA Today

"Hostile Intent kept me up most of the night." --Jay Nordlinger, National Review

"Compelling, fast, and dangerous." --Robert Ferrigno

"The new master of the political thriller." --Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author

L'Agenda Icare

October Men (David Audley, Book 4)

Hidden Order (Scot Harvath, Book 12)

MI5 in the Great War (UK Edition)













relocation?” “Anywhere in Iran you wish,” said the woman. She had a soft and sexy voice and he was quite sure that she was a great beauty. “Elsewhere?” he said. Devlin knew what was coming. “Where?” Mossaddegh took a deep breath. “Well, I have cousins in Los Angeles . . . and . . .” CHAPTER FORTY-SEVEN Qom Col. Zarin looked out at the Shahab-3 missiles and felt proud. No longer would the infidels of the West impose their will on the sacred lands of Islam by force. No longer would the

be there, with medics, and they could attend to Amanda, stabilize her, and get her the hell out of there, to the hospital on board the Eisenhower. The nightmare was almost over. He reached for Maryam. “Who are you?” she said, clutching him tightly as the Black Hawk gathered speed. “I was going to ask you the same question.” “You know who I am,” she said. “I’m your guardian angel.” CHAPTER FIFTY-ONE Qom After Dresden, the fires held no terrors for him. He was the Erlking now, not the

it, so they could get something to eat there while they were waiting for the base commander. They were all frazzled from their experiences of the night before. What the hell had happened back there? The only miracles Danny believed in were the ones he performed himself at the controls of a helicopter. Taking out that punk on the East River had been fun, just like old times, darting over and under the East River bridges until they’d finally trapped the bastard on his boat and that cop in the air

need three of your Hornets and your best flight crews.” “You’ve got ’em. Just say the word.” “Thank you. You’re going to have to conceal their absence, of course, because officially they will not leave your base. Understood?” “Yes, sir,” replied the admiral. “I may have to take them very far away, perhaps to the Af-Pak theater.” “We’ll get them there for you.” “Thank you. Stand by for further instructions.” The line went dead. That didn’t mean anything. “Bert Harris” would not be far away.

you’ve been very helpful,” said Lannie to the fat man, and began to walk away. He dropped his voice as he spoke to Celina and Alonzo. “You’re not to speak of this to anybody, you understand. This is police business. Alonzo, get me a radiation check on that trike ASAP. Celina, I need you to start asking around . . . quietly . . . among the staff if anybody remembers seeing your boyfriend Raymond one night before the attacks. And I need to see the head administrator, right now.” “I’ll take to you

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