Silver Stallion: A Novel of Korea

Silver Stallion: A Novel of Korea

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 1569470030

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a mountain village in Korea, 1950, the memory of the Japanese occupation has just begun to fade when the farmers hear that the World Army, led by the great American General "Megado" has landed at Inchon.

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A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies: Stories

1982, Janine





















animals should come down from the mountains and steal them. “Two bengkos came to my house earlier tonight,” Uncle said. “I woke up because Brownie barked so I looked out the window to see what was wrong with the dog. I saw a white bengko standing by the twig gate, searching for something with a flashing stick lamp, and another bengko, a black one, trying to drive away the dog with his rifle. They wanted to come into my house, and I thought I knew what they were after. So I woke up the whole

“Kangho and I made it. You can touch it, if you want to.” Chandol handed him a pistol made of a pipe mounted on a piece of wood that served as its hilt. “Kangho found that pipe in the bengko dump,” Chandol added, to flatter Kangho, too. Fixed at one end of the pipe was a nail sharpened by a whetstone; when a rubber band was pulled back and then released by the trigger the nail-tip would slam forward. “The nail-tip is called the hammer,” Chandol said. “When that hammer hits the snap cap,

a dream and that dream instantly shattered when he recalled what Chandol had told him…. But you think hard. Because if you try to stop me from watching Imugi, you will never play with us again. … Everything was about to change once more. If he tried to stop Chandol, his winter would be solitary. The two months of isolation, of silent tedium, of endless monotony, would return, and loneliness would resume its dominion. He would have nothing to do, nothing at all, except for shuffling back and

locate the old tiled house with a shabby plank sign saying “General Gurinick” in the alley behind Central Market, but she found herself unable to open its gate and step into the house. She feared she would never come out of the clinic alive again once she entered it. It occurred to her that nobody would care if she was killed in that seedy clinic. And she was too ashamed of her illness to walk in and tell somebody, some stranger inside General Clinic, the reason why she was there. She paced up

so that Chandol would leave soon. After what seemed to be an eternity for Mansik, Chandol was at last sated and came back to Mansik. “I’m going home,” he said. “See you tomorrow at the headquarters. And thanks.” After he had disappeared beyond the log bridge, Mansik picked up the rolled blanket and returned to the Chestnut House, shivering like an abandoned dog. Tonight Chandol had not yet showed up. Mansik had no other choice but to wait until all the activities in the Club were over and the

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