Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature 1st (first) edition

Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature 1st (first) edition

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1986-7. p. 98). Notes 8 241 Tht Nation for 24-31 July 1989, edited and written by black women, examines 'The scapegoating of the black family'. See especially Jewell Handy Gresham, 'The politics of family in America', pp. U6-22. See also Collins (1989a, 1989b) for an analysis of the attacks on black mothers and families in the last twenty years in the US and me use of gender to demonstrate racia1 inferiority. Carby (1987) analyses black women's discourse on mothering and racia1 uplift in me

(1983) More Workfor Mother: The Ironies ofHousehold Technology from the Optn Hearth 10 the Microwave. New York: Basic. Coward, Rosalind (1983) Patriarchal Precedents: StrUOlity and Social Relations. London: Rout- ledge & Kegan Paul. Cowdry, E.V., ed. (1930) Human Biology and Racial Welfare. New York: Hoeber. Cravens, Hamilton (1978) Triumph ofEvolulion. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Croak, J.H., ed. (1970) Social Behavior in Birds and Mammals. New York: Academic Press. - - and

Washburn was part of a larger revolution in physical anthropology accompanied by the discovery of new fossils, dating techniques, experimental possibilities, and more recently, molecular taxonomy. One of the revolution's central objects was the small-brained South African human-ape, Australopithems. 'The discovery of the South African man-like apes, or smallbrained men, has made it possible to outline the basic adaptation which is the foundation of the human radiation' (195Ib, p. 70). The origin

frequency of orgasm in non-human animal females, female sexual choice, male overlords and leadership, social roles, and division of labour.' But why explore the weaving of multiple meanings in the practice of primatology by looking at the obscure Asian leaf-eating monkeys, the langurs?4 Langurs are a major group of monkeys, familiar to primatologists, but virtually unknown until very recently to a wider public which would not fail to recognize a gorilla, a rare mammal indeed. Surely the apes,

Ultimately a male entering this troop killed four infants; these events appear to have been witnessed directly. In these studies the important experimental manipulations of troops, that is, of model systems for studying social organization, were alw'9's of high-status males, presumed points of organic vitality and 'social change,.'4 It was not that Jay could not record such a drastic event; none occurred during her study or in her region of India. But she did comment on others' observations of

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