Something So Perfect

Something So Perfect

Janel Lee

Language: English

Pages: 153


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life was simple for Delilah, an African- American yoga instructor. But simple became boring in the small town of Glassboro, New Jersey where she was born and raised. Her desire for change is realized when she swerves off a road to avoid hitting a stray dog and bumps into the parked car of James, a Caucasian lawyer at a small but successful firm.

Delilah and James instantly fall in love, but the fact that they are an interracial couple causes their relationship to slowly turn sour. It’s not the disapproving opinions of others that causes their relationship to fall apart, but rather it’s Delilah’s need to argue with anyone and everyone with something negative to say about their relationship that culminates in the two of them getting kicked out of a restaurant.

Frustrated by Delilah's actions, James decides to end the relationship. Delilah finally realizes that she spent more time defending their love, than she spent actually being in love. But has she realized this too late?

“Something So Perfect” is a captivating story about some of the real-life issues that interracial couples experience on a daily basis. It is a well-written book, easy to read, and hard to put down.

Janel Lee grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, but now lives a quiet life with her two kids in South New Jersey. She has written poetry and short stories all her life, but only recently ventured in to writing books with “Something So Perfect” being her first. Janel briefly attended Arkansas State University where she majored in Broadcast Journalism.

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“James, I don’t know about this. You remember yesterday was a disaster,” I complained. “I know you can get through this,” James encouraged. “Your mom made it clear that she never wanted to see me again,” I reminded James. “Well, too bad for her. I want my family to know that, from now on, seeing me will also mean seeing you from time to time,” James said confidently. “But does this have to be one of those times? They don’t want me around,” I whined. “Well, I want you around. So please try to

cheerleaders! To my grandma Brenda, whom I got my creativity from, you deserve an award for all you done to help me. To my grandma, Ethel, for being an example of what true patience and kindness are. To my beautiful kids, Sherrod and Savannah, without you, I wouldn’t have made it through the hardest times in my life. You are the reason I am still here. To my God-Mom, Mrs. Green, you love me unconditionally no matter what I say or do. You never judge me. You have always believed in me. All

son,” she said imperatively. The last three words came out bold and full of anger and irritation towards me. She hastily turned her shoulders back to face the television. It felt like there was a stone wall between us. From that point on, she acted like she was only one in the room. I leaned my head back and slowly turned my head down to the floor. I sighed. “I wish James were here,” I said quietly to myself. A tear fell down my face. It tickled my cheek. I could almost feel James trying to

have you been?” Trey asked with a smug look on his face. “Ugh, fine!” I said confused. “What’s your problem?” “I heard you met a new guy! I thought I was all the man you needed?” He stretched his forearms out by his sides. “Goodbye!” I said rolling my eyes and pushing him out the door. “But, Delilah, what about us? We can be together!” he screeched. “Bye, Trey!” I yelled back and shut the door. I began to laugh. Trey was always a goof. He had always had the biggest crush on me. Both our

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