Sorry, Chief (Get Smart, Book 2)

Sorry, Chief (Get Smart, Book 2)

William Johnston

Language: English

Pages: 85


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When the diabolical Dr. X invents a serum capable of making man invisible and threatens to sell it to KAOS, the fate of the whole world hangs in the balance.

Only one man can jump into the breach against the Forces of Evil—Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 from Control. Max's assignment: to apprehend Dr. X, get the serum and formula, and, most important, bring back alive the six invisible guinea pigs, proof that the serum works.

Since Dr. X is sailing for Europe on his deadly mission, Max, Agent 99 and the fearless Fang, the spy dog, board the "Queen Edward" (her father wanted a boy). Thus begin the death-defying adventures of our super-spy, as Max, in the guise of a space scientist, turns the ship fore over aft in his search for Dr. X.

Does Max succeed in his quest? Does the whole civilized world triumph? Would you believe it?

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diabolical Dr. X’s confidence and he has revealed himself to us.” “It was a brilliant strategy, Max,” 99 gushed. “Aren’t we still friends?” Hank said. “Somebody talk to me.” “I’ll talk to you,” Max said. “Hand over that formula and those invisible guinea pigs.” Hank looked at Fang. “What he say?” “Rorff!” Hank turned back to Max. “What he say?” “He said ‘Rorff!’ Translated, that means that the jig is up. We know what you’re carrying in that suitcase. And we know how you intend to make your

“Right—an acetylene torch.” “That’s marvelous, Max!” “Except when your signing checks,” Max said. “Then, it has its drawbacks.” A few minutes later, Fang reappeared. He was carrying a ballpoint pen in his teeth. “We’re on the threshold of success, 99,” Max said, taking the pen from Fang. He reached into his pocket, got out a quarter, and dropped it into the slot in the locker door that released the lock. The door swung open. Max squeezed his head and shoulders and one arm into the locker.

99 panted. “I haven’t the faintest idea, 99,” Max replied. “Don’t you remember? We don’t know where Wai’s stateroom is.” “Max . . . then . . . why are we running?” “We haven’t got all night, 99. We have to find Wai—or X, as the case may be—get that formula from him, and get back to our cell before that waiter comes to.” “Max . . . wouldn’t it be easier . . . if we found out where Wai’s stateroom is?” Max halted. “Sorry,” he said. “Sometimes I get carried away.” “Max, as the tour director,

isn’t it?” “Lovely,” 99 sighed blissfully. “And, just think, Max—now we can enjoy it. Our mission is accomplished. For the next few days, we can relax and enjoy the cruise.” “At least, what you can see of it from the brig,” a voice from behind them said. As one, Max, 99 and Fang whipped around. Confronting them were the Captain and the nosy steward. “Top o’ the morning to you, Captain,” Max said cheerily. “And the bottom o’ the morning to you, steward,” he added. “They’re the ones who did

Professor (Lancer). As if that weren’t plenty, he also did sitcom novels for Whitman, including titles based on The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched, The Monkees, and F-Troop. Though the sitcom novels dominated Johnston’s tie-in career, and were the work with which he was reflexively identified, he still did a catalog’s worth of work in just about every other TV tie-in genre except science fiction and military. He authored one-off mysteries based on My Friend Tony (Lancer), Ironside

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