Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song

Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song

Sara Bareilles

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1476727775

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With refreshing candor, Sounds Like Me reveals Sara Bareilles, the artist—and the woman—on songwriting, soul searching, and what’s discovered along the way.

Sara Bareilles shares the joys and the struggles that come with creating great work, all while staying true to yourself. Imbued with humor and marked by Sara’s confessional writing style, this collection tells the inside story behind some of her most popular songs. Most recently known for her chart-topper “Brave,” Sara first broke through in 2007 with her multi-platinum single “Love Song.” She has released five albums that have sold 2.5 million copies and spawned several hits. More than a privileged view inside the experience of a remarkable musical talent—this is a moving tribute to the universal search for growth, healing, and self-acceptance.

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commercial music shop. I absentmindedly made that my first stop. They had big walls of books of sheet music and racks of CDs in those gigantic useless plastic bricks they used to come in, and a small selection of musical instruments. I walked past the headphones, guitars, small keyboards, and amplifiers straight to the man behind the counter. I thought I could inquire about piano lessons maybe, or practice rooms, but I didn’t really know. I was fumbling over the words themselves, as well as tears

to the audience about the first time you got your period. The unpredictability of live performance has encouraged me to flex my own ability to stay playful. It’s a metaphor for the bigger picture too, as many times life doesn’t follow the rules. This reminder is part of what makes performance so magical and keeps me coming back for more. Despite the overall blur of touring, there are all kinds of moments that remain distinct and intact. In August 2013, I got an invitation to sing my song Brave

working at an insane pace and I constantly felt like I couldn’t breathe. When life is crazy like that I always remember so little; everything is fast and blurry, but meeting Sara that day existed outside of everything crazy. It was strange like that. I saw her and felt oddly comfortable immediately. Jack Antonoff and I in New York City, May 2015 We talked about relationships, death, anxiety, strange career feelings, etc. We laughed a lot—I remember actually laughing. Sara was talking about a

needed answering about the plot. People said new and exciting phrases like “dramaturgical issues.” I was euphoric. Even in its very first stages, collaborating on this project felt like a puzzle to solve, and I was responsible for my little corner, but it was only a portion of the greater finished product. My job was all about making the characters as rich and three-dimensional as possible with song and to think outside the box in order to do so. The process reminded me of writing music before I

had any experience with the business. Unfettered. Playful. Instinctual. I went home with a very rough idea of how to get started. It was about reacting to and capturing what felt the most immediate from the characters. There were moments in the film that emotionally swelled, and I could see how the experience might be deepened with a song. With my natural penchant for melancholy, I rewatched the scene that depicts Jenna’s darkest, most broken place. She is very pregnant, and has saved almost

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