State of Siege (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, Book 6)

State of Siege (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, Book 6)

Tom Clancy

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0425168220

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Driven by greed, a group of U.N. peacekeeping soldiers becomes involved in activities on the wrong side of the law. When their tour of duty ends, the mayhem begins. Calling themselves the "Keepers," the rogue soldiers -- outfitted with stolen U.N. arms and ammunition -- devise a shocking scheme to get the world's attention... Meanwhile, Op-Center head Paul Hood has cleared out his desk. But his retirement is short-lived. Demanding one hundred million dollars in ransom, the Keepers have taken over the U.N. -- where ambassadors from ten nations have gathered for a gala function at which Hood's daughter will perform. This time the Keepers have made it personal. And the Op-Center forces will strike with deadly vengeance...

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above all, the attorney was a professional. He hooked back his sleeve and looked at his watch. “I’ll call Senator Warren on his mobile phone,” Coffey said. “He’s our most sympathetic ear over there. But those people are tough enough to reach on a weekday. On a weekend, at night—” “I understand,” Rodgers said. “Thanks. You, too, Bob.” “Sure thing,” Herbert replied. Coffey was already looking up the phone number on his electronic pocket directory as Rodgers looked over at Matt Stoll and Ann

Future fear of any stimulus reminiscent of the experience, whether it was something pulling at your hair or the feeling of a rug under your knees. Perhaps worst of all, this wasn’t about anything she had done or said or been. She was just a convenient target for some animal’s hostility. Is that what death was supposed to be like? No angels and trumpets. She was just meat. No. Harleigh screamed a cry of rage that came from deep inside. She screamed again, and then her bruised muscles exploded

the terrorist said. “I can see his feet from here. I can also see the window, so if anyone tries to sneak in, I’ll know it.” “No tricks,” Rodgers said. “I hear you.” “I hope so,” Downer said. “When he’s gone, I want you to put your gun down and raise your hands straight up. When you’re both out of here, I want you to send that bitch secretary-general in with her hands on her head.” “You don’t have a lot of time,” Rodgers pointed out. “The gas will come through the—” “I know about the gas,”

department presence was required by law in situations involving hazardous materials. Many terrorist groups follow a scorched-earth policy. If they can’t win, they’ll make sure that no one does. Since one of the terrorists had vanished from the United Nations infirmary, and the NYPD didn’t know if there were additional accomplices, they had to be prepared for anything. Including a final act of spite. Paul Hood and his daughter took a long moment to embrace. Hood was crying openly. Harleigh was

when Rodgers left the Security Council and Hood snuck in, he knew that nothing—not his own safety, not national or international law—was going to keep him from trying to save Harleigh. Hood and his daughter headed toward the escalators along with delegates and security personnel. As they started downstairs, he couldn’t imagine what was going through Harleigh’s mind. She was still holding him tightly and staring ahead with glazed eyes. Harleigh wasn’t in shock; she hadn’t suffered any of the

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