State of the Union (Scot Harvath, Book 3) (The Scot Harvath Series)

State of the Union (Scot Harvath, Book 3) (The Scot Harvath Series)

Brad Thor

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 145160792X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

America’s worst nightmare has just become a brutal reality. The most unlikely terrorist enemy of all now holds a knife against the country’s throat. With both diplomatic and conventional military options swept from the table, the president calls upon Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent, Scot Harvath, to disable a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy intended to bring the United States to its knees. Teamed with beautiful Russian Intelligence agent Alexandra Ivanova and a highly trained CIA paramilitary detachment, Harvath embarks on an adrenaline-fueled search that spans the world—and leads to a final, deadly showdown on American soil, with a lethal and sinister enemy from the past.

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at all flirtatious. It was inappropriate and meant to be insulting. “Believe me,” replied Scot, trying to remain calm and not rise to the bait, “if our paths had crossed, I would have remembered it.” “Do you remember Istanbul?” she asked. “Five years ago. A prominent American businessman and his family taken hostage?” Of course he remembered, but how could she know about it? The scenes came rushing back. Harvath was with SEAL Team Six at the time and had been put in charge of the ransom

filled with technicians seated in high-backed, ergonomically designed chairs at wraparound workstations with everything within arm’s reach. The seats reminded Harvath of those in the Navy’s Mark V Special Operations Craft, which were designed to keep SEALs stable and comfortable during prolonged insertions, extractions, and patrols on even the roughest seas. As Alexandra pushed him out of the elevator, Morrell and Avigliano followed right behind. They stepped up onto a raised floor that was

failing to cooperate with him brought with it a slew of undesirable consequences. When the physician and veterinarian trail went cold, Popov moved to the next item on his checklist—stores that sold any type of medical supplies. He left no stone unturned. If a shop carried anything that even remotely resembled what he was looking for, he paid them a visit. It was at the end of a very long day, when most of the shops were preparing to close, that his efforts appeared to be finally paying off.

of the forward cars, and then make our way back so we can watch him.” Harvath didn’t like it. He didn’t like any of it. Tailing someone on a subway was one of the most difficult things to do. If the subject got off and you followed and then the subject jumped back on at the last minute, what could you do? Nothing. In plain English, you were fucked. Harvath had come too far to get fucked at this point. He was racked by the age-old surveillance dilemma—Do you play him? Or do you pop him? With one

doing?” The communications expert was bent over a map of the world, complete with latitude and longitude lines, upon which he had placed a clear plastic slide. “I’m just working out our elevation and azimuth,” he replied. “What about the electronic countermeasures?” “I swept the room three times and placed the ECMs in the appropriate positions, so don’t worry. Not only is nobody listening to us, but even if they wanted to, they couldn’t. All of the equipment is working perfectly, and

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