Strangers: An Exclusive Short Story

Strangers: An Exclusive Short Story

Camilla Grebe, Åsa Träff

Language: English

Pages: 55

ISBN: 2:00158690

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the internationally bestselling authors of Some Kind of Peace, this eBook features an original short story, “Strangers,” plus bonus materials, including:

· Extended excerpt from Some Kind of Peace, the first Siri Bergman thriller

· EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of More Bitter Than Death, the second Siri Bergman thriller (on sale June 18, 2013)

· Q&A with Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff

A chilling blend of psychology and murder, this heart-pounding Swedish series follows Siri Bergman, a thirty-something psychologist in central Stockholm, as she tries to heal the minds of her patients—despite the fact that she’s running from plenty of demons of her own. But the mind is a maze with many winding paths, and somehow Siri keeps finding herself venturing away from the safety of the therapist’s couch . . . and onto the trail of a killer.

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table and decides to focus on me instead of Aina. “I’m Hillevi, and right now I’m living in a shelter with my three kids, my boys.” Hillevi smiles and looks happy, maybe at the thought of her sons. “I lived in Solgården before I started getting beaten up by the father of my sons, uh, well, my husband.” Hillevi pauses. It’s not an interruption because she’s not sure what to say next, but rather a carefully considered pause, and it strikes me that Hillevi is an experienced speaker,

and because I need to forgive myself for not being able to protect our children.” I nod slowly to confirm that I’ve heard what she said. That I’ve witnessed that her world is crumbling and needs to be put back together in a new way. Aina’s voice brings me back to the group again and to the evening’s agenda. “Okay,” she says. “Now we know a little more about each other. We thought we would proceed by describing some of the common reactions in people who have been the victims of these

seemingly wise and benevolent spiritual adviser to her patients, helps her to mask an uncomfortable truth: She’s haunted by plenty of demons of her own. Still grieving the untimely death of her husband, Stefan, Siri tries valiantly to heal the wounds of others from her office in central Stockholm—everything from addiction to obsessive compulsion to anxiety disorders. But the human mind is a dark place, and somehow Siri’s investigations keep leading her away from the safety of the therapist’s

Like, how many cuts?” “No, on how many occasions?” “Ahh, a few. A couple, maybe three times during the summer. I can’t remember . . .” Sara’s voice trails off and she puts out the cigarette in the blue flower vase that I had put on the coffee table in an attempt to make the room more inviting. I must be the only psychologist in Sweden who allows a patient to smoke, but Sara gets so restless otherwise, it’s almost impossible to carry on a conversation with her. “Sara, this is

voice has become shrill, and pink patches are spreading on her neck like spilled wine on a tablecloth. “I split. I can’t stand it when she’s bawling.” “And then?” Sara squirms and lights yet another cigarette. “Home, I went home.” “And?” “But you KNOW what happened then. It’s the old bag’s fault. It’s like I can’t . . . can’t breathe when I’ve been there.” Now Sara is getting angry. That’s good. I’ll try to hold on to that feeling. When Sara is angry, the truth often

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