Summer Secrets: A Novel

Summer Secrets: A Novel

Jane Green

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1250047404

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


When a shocking family secret is revealed, twentysomething journalist Cat Coombs finds herself falling into a dark spiral. Wild, glamorous nights out in London and raging hangovers the next day become her norm, leading to a terrible mistake one night while visiting family in America, on the island of Nantucket. It’s a mistake for which she can’t forgive herself. When she returns home, she confronts the unavoidable reality of her life and knows it’s time to grow up. But she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to earn the forgiveness of the people she hurt.

As the years pass, Cat grows into her forties, a struggling single mother, coping with a newfound sobriety, and determined to finally make amends. Traveling back to her past, to the family she left behind on Nantucket all those years ago, she may be able to earn their forgiveness, but in doing so she may risk losing the very people she loves the most.

Told with Jane Green’s keen eye for detailing the emotional landscape of the heart, Summer Secrets is at once a compelling drama and a beautifully rendered portrait of relationships, betrayals, and forgiveness, about accepting the things we cannot change, finding the courage to change the things we can, and being strong enough to weather to storms.

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and canvas shoes. His hair was almost shoulder length, his skin tanned, his smile easy and wide. He looked almost as if he could be one of the boating boys, yet the paint didn’t make sense. “I’m working on a new painting. I promised Judith I’d run out and get groceries for her, and time got away from me. She warned me you might be here. She’s had to go off island, by the way. Said she would be home for dinner, that there’s plenty of food in the fridge and pantry if you want to get something

lucky that I get to go to work every single day with my best friends. When I started, in my early twenties, we were all single. God, the fun we had back then. Every night there was a press launch, or a party, or a premiere, and the whole desk would raid the fashion cupboard across the aisle for fabulous shoes, designer clothes, free samples of makeup, and the whole glittering troop of us would fortify ourselves with a couple of glasses of wine (or four) before piling into a cab, on expenses, and

twenties, it was the perfect life. But, really? At twenty-nine I’m still doing the same old shit? Could I not have found a man like Will? Should I not be living in a two-bedroomed garden flat in Notting Hill instead of my one-bedroomed, very small, and somewhat dark flat on the wrong side of Maida Vale? Maybe that’s why I drink. To dull the pain. I used to think it was to dull the pain of not fitting in, but I fit now! My friends love me! I’m good at work! Maybe the alcohol helps me not to

left. I am awash with shame. I may be on my own, but my cheeks are burning. He’s right. I can’t stand this. I can’t stand waking up every morning feeling like shit. I can’t stand waking up every morning swearing that I will never do this again, that today is the day I stop drinking, and then, at five, or six, or seven o’clock, I tell myself it’s only one glass of wine, or one beer, or a quick drink, which surely won’t hurt, and then, bam! Cut to the next morning, waking up with spotty memories

and Bo Bannie, over time, became Bobannie, which became Bob-any, emphasis on the Bob. “Daddy!” She nestles into his arms, joy exploding out of every pore. I didn’t tell her he was coming, wanted this to be a surprise, and I step back to wipe the tears from my eyes, then go downstairs to make some lemonade. “Where’s Eddie?” “Gone to fight fires.” “Actually?” I turn to Sam, impressed. “No. He’s gone to get some fish.” “Does that mean to the fish market or out on a boat with a rod?” Sam

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