Sweet And Simple Party Cakes

Sweet And Simple Party Cakes

May Clee-Cadman

Language: English

Pages: 144


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bakers will delight at over 40 simple yet incredibly stylish cakes for every occasion, from weddings and anniversaries, to birthdays, christenings and Christmas. Sweet and Simple Party Cakes offers a variety of irresistible cake designs in all colors, shapes and sizes. This stunning book also includes a wide selection of sweet cupcakes and gorgeous minicakes to make when time is short. Readers will explore a wide variety of quick and easy sugarcrafting techniques as well as professional tricks. Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, simple recipes, and beautiful photography ensure mouthwatering results.

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your board with icing sugar and place a large circle on top. Place the end of the cocktail stick over the edge of the circle and roll it back and forth fairly hard so that the icing begins to ruffle up. Work your way around the whole circle in this way, then repeat with a circle in each of the other sizes (b). five Stick the smallest circle in the centre of the middle size circle with a dab of water, then stick this in the centre of the large circle to form a rosette. Wet the back of the

square cake was edged with milk chocolate curls and decorated with both white and milk chocolate roses. The board is iced with a chocolate sugarpaste. Try filling this cake with a dark chocolate butter cream and a cherry compote for a perfect black forest treat. More Simply Inspired... For stunning and absolutely delicious cupcakes, make some chocolate flavoured cakes, and decorate each one with a layer of piped chocolate buttercream followed by a single white chocolate rose. Place them in

sunflower yellow. Start with a small amount of colouring and work more in to create the shade you need. Roll the icing out about 1mm (1/16in) thick on a plastic board dusted with icing sugar. two Cut two flowers to make each sunflower using the cutter. For this three-tiered cake you will need 24 sunflowers, plus one more for the top of the cake. Place each one on the foam pad and indent the petals using the attached plunger (a). three Smooth the end of each petal toward the centre of the

the side of the cake. Daisy, daisy The flower heads on the daisy cake, opposite, are made in the same way as the sunflowers, only with a single layer of petals. I used ruby food colouring to create my dark pink flowers and mixed the flowerpaste with a little sugarpaste. Cut out the flowers and form the petals with the bone tool as explained in step three, then set aside to dry. Follow steps seven to nine to decorate your cake. Pipe the centre of each flower with royal icing mixed with a

7mm (1/4in) thick. For under icing cakes: For top icing cakes: Assembling Tiered Cakes There are various ways you can assemble the tiers on a cake, all of which include the use of dowels. These are made of plastic or wood and are specially designed to prevent each tier from sinking into the one underneath. Here are the two methods I use for tiered designs. Stacking cakes In this technique, which is also known as American Style stacking, plastic cake making dowels are

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