Technical Communication

Technical Communication

Mike Markel

Language: English

Pages: 768

ISBN: 1457673371

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Instructors know that Mike Markel’s Technical Communication will prepare their students for any workplace writing situation. No other text offers such a comprehensive introduction to the field while still delivering practical, effective support for students at every level. The eleventh edition has been thoroughly revised to reframe the work of technical communicators in the context of today’s highly collaborative, rapidly evolving digital practices. Fresh, social-media driven sample documents and coverage of the latest tools and technologies ensure that students work with the kinds of processes and products they’ll encounter on the job.

The text is now accompanied and enhanced by LaunchPad for Technical Communication, an online course space with an interactive e-book, multimedia sample documents for analysis, tutorials on digital writing tools, a new test bank, Learning Curve adaptive quizzes that give students more ways to master the material, and much more. Get all our great course-specific materials in one fully customizable space online; then assign and mix our resources with yours.

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more about or order any of the products below, contact your Bedford/St. Martin’s sales representative, e-mail sales support (, or visit . TechComm Web Free and open resources for Technical Communication are integrated into the text through cross-references in the margins of the book: • Interactive Sample Documents for analysis 00_MAR_67948_FM_i-xxxiv.indd 8 11/29/11 3:28 PM Preface for

liable for not stating that its electric smoke alarm does not work during a power outage.  Instruct users on all aspects of ownership. Include assembly, installation, use and storage, testing, maintenance, first aid and emergencies, and disposal.  Use appropriate words and graphics. Use common terms, simple sentences, and brief paragraphs. Structure the document logically, and include specific directions. Make graphics clear and easy to understand; where necessary, show people performing

Disadvantages of Collaboration Collaboration can also have important disadvantages: • Collaboration takes more time than individual writing. It takes longer because of the time needed for the collaborators to communicate. In addition, meetings — whether they are live or remote — can be difficult to schedule. • Collaboration can lead to groupthink. When collaborators value getting along more than thinking critically about the project, they are prone to groupthink. Groupthink, which promotes

remain open to encounters with people from other cultures without jumping to conclusions about what their actions might or might not mean. Writer’s Checklist In managing your project, did you M break down a large project into several smaller tasks? (p. 60) M plan your project? (p. 60) M create and maintain an accurate schedule? (p. 60) M put your decisions in writing? (p. 60) M monitor the project? (p. 60) M distribute and act on information quickly? (p. 60) M act flexibly regarding

according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States exported over $1.8 trillion of goods and services (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010, p. 1264). In that year, direct investment abroad by U.S. companies totaled more than $3.2 trillion (p. 1259). In addition, the population of the United States itself is truly multicultural. Each year, the United States admits more than a million immigrants (p. 45). In 2007, 12.6 percent of the U.S. population was foreign born; of those foreign born, more than a

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