Terminal Lance: Head Call

Terminal Lance: Head Call

Language: English

Pages: 154


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Terminal Lance: Head Call is the first compilation book of strips previously only published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper! This book contains the first 100 strips featured in the Marine Corps Times, as well as a forward by the Managing Editor, Andrew DeGrandpre.

Additionally, each strip contains never-before released commentary! All 100 strips contain an accompanying blog post previously unavailable in the Marine Corps Times newspaper!

This book is perfect for those of you that don't read the Marine Corps Times, but want to catch up on all the Terminal Lance you can!

Terminal Lance is a military webcomic centering around the United States Marine Corps. Terminal Lance has been featured online at http://terminallance.com since 2010, and has since become one of the most popular military webcomics there is!

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with the Marine Corps, other than the fact that I thought it would be funny if Siri called people boots. Actually, if you ask her the Marine Corps Birthday, she will tell you... Sans the boot part. Diagnosed I’m not sure how well this comic strip actually comes across, but the concept is one of my favorites. The idea that someone with Tourette syndrome could do an entire enlistment in the Marine Corps and no one would ever notice is hilarious... well, to me at least. I find the idea disturbingly

Tuesday •Wasted Wednesday •Thirsty Thursday •Fucked up Friday •Shit-Faced Saturday (Okay that one is reaching) •Sunday I’m pretty sure Sunday is just dedicated to hangovers or something. As for the chow hall, Italian Monday was always my favorite--even if it didn’t rhyme or make sense. Run-In with an Old Friend I’m not sure how many of you will believe me when I say this, but this strip is completely, 100% true story. This actually happened to me in Sahl Sinjar, Iraq. Of all places, if

Relative Terminologies The other version of this strip was actually published, under the name of “Like Old Times.” This one wasn’t flat-out rejected, it was simply an alternate offering that week. Sometimes when I send the strips over to the fine folk at the Marine Times, I give them multiple versions of the same artwork. Sometimes the initial joke is so crass I feel as though I should offer an alternate version in case they decide not to run it. It happens more often than you’d think, and

Once the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” took place, no one seemed to really care anymore. Of course, that’s because the issue of gays in the military shouldn’t really even be an issue. Technically speaking, gays were already allowed in the military, they just weren’t allowed to be open about it. So does this mean that they now ask about it? Of course not, that’s fucking stupid. Go haze yourself. The point is that no one cares. So you’re gay? Great, grab your flak and lets go, like everyone

Rip-Its are also conveniently half-sized to shove into your cargo pocket for later use on long patrols or just to indulge in their delicious nectar. This is by design, I’m sure. Some guy at the Rip-It factory was like, “These should be small, so Marines can shove them into their cargo pockets at the chow hall.” I’m almost completely positive that this is true.* *This isn’t true. Also, fun fact: DFAC is an abbreviation for “Dining Facility.” For some reason that’s what they call all of the chow

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