The A.I. War: The Big Boost (The Continuing Time, Book 4)

The A.I. War: The Big Boost (The Continuing Time, Book 4)

Daniel Keys Moran

Language: English

Pages: 179

ISBN: 2:00169699

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

AI War: The Big Boost is the long awaited, fourth installment of the science fiction epic Tales of the Continuing Time.

The Unity was seven kilometers long. It was not merely the largest spacecraft that had ever been built, it was nearly the largest artifact humans had ever built. In 2080, sixty years after the end of the Unification War, Peaceforcer Elite Commander Mohammed Vance intends to see that the Unification of Earth become the Unification of Sol. Only Trent the Uncatchable stands in his way.

Although Daniel Keys Moran’s 5-star rated paperbacks have long been out of print, hardbound limited editions are listed as high as $400. All four books in the series, Emerald Eyes, The Long Run, The Last Dancer, and The AI War are now available as e-books. Emerald Eyes includes novella, “The Star, ” not available with the original paperback

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feeling quite competent, thank you, a brief flash of I am really quite excessively good at this flickering through the back of his mind somewhere – The PKF Elite who had chased Trent across the surface of Ceres stood on the surface of the hull, boots of his combat suit locked to the hull, autoshot in his hands, and waited until Trent looked up at him before opening fire. THE AUTOSHOTS USED by PKF Elite are eight-gauge shotguns firing four rounds per second. Only Elite use them; the kick will

today on occasion exhibits quite manifest elements of an American accent, most apparently that of the Long Island Fringe. Behaviorally the changes are nearly as drastic. You have virtually ceased coding via inskin; on the rare occasions you have chosen to do so, your inskin contact has apparently been through radio packet rather than through the socket mounted in your left parietal lobe. Though I am unable to directly monitor the inskin jack at your workstation, the inskin listed in your file, of

inskin was a Vandemar Tap. A calculated guess; Trent certainly wore a radio packet inskin, and had since some time in late 2069. The Vandemar Tap was one of the six radio packet inskins coming into use at the time, excepting the Tytan NN-II, an experimental inskin that was subsequently outlawed. All but half a dozen of the NN-II’s ever produced had finally been accounted for. Jason himself considered it unlikely that the Uncatchable – the name by which Trent thought of himself, Jason was sure,

available for use. A dozen rings of champagne had been brought in for the occasion, and people clustered against the walls and up against what would be the ceiling when Unity finally boosted for the first time. The last person working was Ken, who chattered as he typed. “... stinking genetic algorithms, back in the day we wrote code like men, by hand, the way God and Grace Hopper intended, but can they link libraries themselves, they cannot, for this we require the fine touch of a human being,

might be –” he paused. “Bad timing, as I was saying.” Ken castled. “If you’ve got nothing to hide, then don’t worry about it.” “Me?” The old man laughed loudly enough that people on the level beneath them looked up toward them. “No,” said Ken more quietly, in a voice devoid of humor, “I’ve got nothing to hide. I’ve passed every one of these things I’ve ever taken. I’ve got no political beliefs. Don’t care who’s in charge.” Trent advanced his bishop. “Two of my brothers,” Ken continued, “died

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